Why a Call Center Solution for Retail Is Important

Since technology has developed a solid footing in the digital realm, retail businesses that don't keep up with growing trends will certainly face major obstacles, the Harvard Business Review reports.

The average customer today executes their shopping through different mediums. Whether they're looking for new curtains or buying a new sweater, research shows that consumers will gravitate toward online marketplaces, locating competitive prices and making purchases before following up with physical locations. With shopping habits constantly changing, it creates an opportunity for retail businesses to utilize a variety of tools to maximize customer engagement and boost productivity. This is especially true for retail businesses that are eager to generate new customers and track their activity across different platforms.

By running operations with limited technologies, your company is sure to develop an underwhelming interest of its brand. To boost your customers' overall experience, here are a few things to consider about call center solutions for retail businesses and how they can develop long-term growth.

What Are Call Center Solutions for Retail Businesses?

Call center solutions for retail businesses represent various tools that companies can use to manage their communications platforms across multiple channels. For example, maintaining inquiries both in-store and through corporate offices can create a disconnect between different departments, and over time, such inconsistencies will lead to the customer being left without a proper channel to solve their issues. The same problem applies to aging technology that restricts the operations of call center departments or store locations when a customer concern requires immediate attention from a superior level.

Relying on outdated landlines, servers and software only leaves team members and customers in the dark, and switching to a call center solution designed for retail markets will ensure a satisfactory experience on all fronts. This means that retailers select a unified communications (UC) platform that's extended to all areas of the business. Business phone services, collaboration tools, virtual meetings and contact center solutions are rolled into one cloud-based source, resulting in a UC suite with tons of benefits to encourage expansion.

What Are the Benefits of Call Center Solutions for Retail?

When communications tools are packaged into one cloud-based program, companies will immediately recognize improvements in a variety of sectors.

After switching to seamless communications, businesses can efficiently track customer insights through a mobile-first mindset with in-store Wi-Fi and push messaging. With removing multiple vendors and unnecessary equipment, total cost of ownership can show reductions of more than 20 percent, while business agility also improves from systems and software updates installed in real time. In addition, contact centers that handle customer complaints, warranty issues or general questions will enjoy greater annual improvements in customer satisfaction, agent productivity and a decrease in customer complaints.

In fact, 2016 showed that 45 percent of enterprises used on-premise UC solutions, whereas 2018 showed that only 37 percent of enterprises expected to have on-premise UC solutions in the future. These rates expose a downward trend when compared to the use of cloud-based UC solutions during those same years. After examining the growth of cloud-based UC solutions, it was discovered that an annual rise occurred between 12 percent and 15 percent, which showcases a substantial amount of momentum that many enterprises are using to accommodate the changing retail environment.

It's amazing how many factors can improve after making a single change to your communications strategy. Regardless of what challenges your retail business may be facing, you can find immediate relief by cutting ties with superfluous expenses and capitalizing on what matters most: interacting and engaging with your customers.

8x8 Can Enhance Your Call Center Solutions for Retail

If you're ready to maximize your success with both online and brick and mortar locations, then transitioning to call center solutions for retail will enhance your overall engagement, while giving customers an experience to remember.

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