For the Store Associate

The Store Associate service plan includes:
Unlimited Calling plan (US and Canada)Call freely to the United States and Canada without additional long distance charges, excluding mobile, special and premium numbers.
Phone NumberPhone Number: Utilize a dedicated DID (direct inward dialing) number for each extension.
Virtual ExtensionVirtual Extension: Increase flexibility using a virtual number not associated with a physical hard phone or soft phone to route incoming calls to voicemail, an Auto Attendant, an internal extension, or an external phone number.
High Definition VoiceEnsure crisp connectivity leveraging a guaranteed voice quality score.
Secure VoiceProtect calls from eavesdropping with TLS/SRTP secure voice encryption.
Mobile & Desktop Applications
Add the capability to allow employees to work with any device, from anywhere, at anytime.
Auto AttendantDirect callers to the desired individual or department without the need for an operator.
Hunt/Ring GroupsDistribute calls within specific departments by having all the phones in a group ring at once or set up a “round robin” approach where the extensions in the group ring in a specific order until the call is answered.
Call QueuesPlace callers in a queue or line in the order received until the next agent becomes available, allowing you to serve your customers promptly, courteously, and efficiently.
Instant MessagingSend individual or team messages to instantly chat with coworkers and customers.
PresenceAllow coworkers to share their availability across the organization.
VoicemailListen to recordings from your desk phone, computer or mobile device.
Call RecordingRecord incoming and outgoing calls, play them back, download, or delete them.
Single Sign OnLogin automatically using an existing corporate credential application.

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