How Crowd Recruitment Solutions-And A Communications Platform-Benefit Your Business

Hiring talented executives, managers, tech or creative people, and other staff members is key to the overall success of your business. Unfortunately, if you are still relying on traditional recruitment strategies in seeking and interviewing potential candidates for positions with your company, you are likely to be drawing from a relatively small pool.

At 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, our recruitment management software can help you expand your search. We can assist you in creating a custom communications platform that allows you to implement the latest cloud recruitment software. This broadens your outreach when it comes to seeking the best and brightest workers while making the overall process more efficient and cost-effective.

The Benefits of Recruitment Management Software

Instead of relying on traditional software packages, which are installed on site and premises-based, businesses of all sizes are rapidly embracing cloud-based communications platforms and computing services (known as ‘software as a service’ or SAAS). In terms of recruitment, it modernizes this important task while allowing employers to reach those most qualified for specific positions.

Cloud-based recruitment management software relies on network-based applications, which can be accessed through any mobile device with an internet connection. By expanding your reach and allowing access from any location, it helps employers keep up with a rapidly changing job market and aids in innovation. HR Technologist goes as far as to warn that businesses who fail to implement cloud recruitment solutions, relying on traditional software recruitment applications instead, will not be able to meet the talent demands of the future. Among the potential benefits include:

Cost effective: Traditional recruitment software can be expensive and requires frequent updates and maintenance. In contrast, cloud-based recruitment management software is relatively inexpensive, easily installed, and maintenance free.

Expands your search: Rather than being restricted to a limited pool of qualified applicants, cloud-based recruitment allows you to target a larger market, including social media profiles and websites such as LinkedIn, letting you zero in on specific skills.

Accelerates the hiring process: Cloud recruitment software provides customized algorithms that make it easier to identify qualified candidates, without the need to go through endless emails and resumes.

Encourages collaboration: Hiring processes can become tedious as applicants are screened through multiple people within your organization. Recruitment management software encourages faster communications, allowing for a less time consuming and more efficient approach.

Enhances security: With cloud-based systems, it is easier to keep employee data private and secure, while also ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal employment regulations.

Why You Need Cloud-Based Recruitment Management Software

In previous years, you may have had job applicants lining up with resumes, eager to impress you with their experience and skill. However, figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor show that current trends have job openings steadily outnumbering workers. As the economy continues to improve, there will be stiff competition among employers for capable, qualified candidates.

In the past, larger companies able to invest more time and money in job recruitment had a distinct advantage. Today, cloud-based recruitment management software levels the playing field.

Easy to install and operate while requiring little in the way of investment, it can be implemented just as effectively for small, independently owned businesses as it can for larger, international corporations. In many cases, smaller companies, in particular, appreciate the benefits of cloud recruitment software and a communications platform. It allows them to expand their reach and grow their business, without requiring a heavy investment in time, money, office space, or technical staff.

Cloud Recruitment Solutions For Your Business

At 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, we can provide a custom communications platform to suit your business’ individual needs and goals. Employees stay up to date and never miss a call through our mobile applications, while real-time analytics aid in decision making and maximize performance. Cloud recruitment solutions help you attract innovators while speeding up the screening process and allowing decision makers to collaborate from multiple locations.

As a pioneer in the industry, we have earned more than 140 patents and our award-winning products are trusted by over one million users. To get answers to your questions about cloud communications and recruitment software, along with a no obligation quote, call or contact our customer support team online today.

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