How to Make Software Development Outsourcing Successful

Software developers are a high cost, difficult to find part of any company's staff especially for companies needing specific, specialized talent. With the rise of software development outsourcing, companies are no longer stuck. This low-cost alternative to the full-time employee has become a global mainstream. Find out how to make the best use of it in this article.

The Difficulty in Finding Good Developers

Software development projects are complex and often run over in both time and cost, making budgeting difficult. But one of the most difficult parts is simply finding good developers. There's a big difference between finding a good developer and one that is average. That difference comes out in time and project overruns.

A senior developer brings a lot to the table in the form of efficiency, ability to help project managers understand complex topics and sharing of knowledge with junior developers. All of these characteristics create a high demand for them. Everyone who can afford a good developer is trying to find one.

With a lot of good developers already hired, that leaves average and junior developers on the market. While some companies may hire a junior developer because that is all they can find, these developers do serve an important role.

It isn't necessary to hire the best developers to fill every software development position needed within a company. First, the cost of such a feat will be very high and second it isn't practical since the number of senior developers needed will likely not be available. Junior developers play a role in creating software in areas that aren't as complex or doesn't require the expertise of a senior developer. This also allows these junior developers to learn the software, business and grow into a more senior role.

Whether a developer is senior or junior, they don't have to be hired as full-time employees. Software development outsourcing has become a very common alternative to full-time employees.

Why Software Outsourcing?

Because of the high cost of software development, many companies are turning to outsourcing. U.S. based software developers are expensive, even if outsourced. By contrast, choosing developers in Eastern Europe, Russia, India, and Pakistan are much cheaper and don't compromise quality.

Because of the explosive growth in outsourcing, the above-mentioned countries have some of the largest software developer talent pools in the world. In fact, a 2017 State of European Tech Survey found that Russia, Poland, and Ukraine were in the top 10 countries for the size of professional developer populations.

These developers have honed their skills in a very competitive environment. They also benefit from a great network of universities that teach software development and the availability of outsourcing companies needing developer talent.

Two primary benefits of outsourcing software development in this area of the world are that all developers outsourced to an English speaking company also speak English. This isn't to say that they all verbally speak English but instead that they can type in English and are very good at it, dropping any potential language barrier.

Cost is the second huge benefit for European and American based companies. Developers are paid a competitive wage in their home countries. But for companies hiring them, it cost far less than if they hired a developer with the same skills in their native country.

Expanding UCaaS, CCaaS, and VoIP communications software is the main reason call centers outsource software development. Integrating communications software with a specific billing application for example. These communications platforms already integrate with popular billing software. But some call centers may need integration with less popular software. Outsourced software developers are the perfect choice since some of them specialize in this type of integration and know how to get it done in a timely manner.


For American companies hiring Eastern European developers, there's a roughly half day difference in time. This creates problems for real-time communication. Companies will find they are able to catch developers for only half an hour or so early in the morning or late at night.

To get around this problem, some companies staff at least one developer early in the morning for any real-time communication. The same may occur on the other side of the world, so at least one developer is available during the day for American companies.

Outsourcing software development use to get a bad rap because of low quality. With so much competition for software talent, that's no longer the case. Outsourcing hubs such as Eastern Europe, Russia, India, and Pakistan now have the infrastructure to craft software developers into highly efficient tools that any company on the planet can wield. Gone are the days when language was a barrier and quality was a problem. For many companies, outsourcing software development is their only choice.

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