Reasons for Outsourcing

One strategy businesses use to scale more quickly is to outsource critical functions. Personnel outsource solutions rely on third-party agencies or contractors. Those entities are trusted to perform those functions or operate on the firm's behalf. Outsourcing is common in retail, finance, manufacturing, and other industries. It provides a variety of benefits and the right communications software can protect that investment.

Why Do Businesses Outsource?

The most common reasons for outsourcing are because companies don't have the manpower, money, or time to perform certain functions. Even when they do, there are often a variety of well-regarded firms specialized in providing critical corporate competencies. The reasons for outsourcing might simply be keeping up with the competition. When other companies can lower costs by outsourcing certain functions, failing to follow suit hampers a firm's ability to compete. Outsourcing makes companies leaner and better able to deploy capital.

What Functions Are Often Outsourced?

  • Customer Service/Support: One of the most common personnel outsource solutions is call centers or third-party customer service. Call centers serve as the primary connection between brands and customers trying to resolve service issues. Call centers can be outsourced to lower cost domestic locations or even overseas. Countries such as India and the Philippines host call centers staffed with well-educated, English speaking employees. Advances in telecommunications mean that customers can reach a call center around the clock to address their needs.
  • Human Resources: Human Resources functions, particularly recruiting and sourcing, are often outsourced to specialist agencies. Some companies are too small to maintain a dedicated HR team or need to find employees with specialized skills. Executive searches for C-suite level talent are often outsourced to trusted partners. Outsourced HR groups can source or interview candidates and tap into a broader passive talent network. In some cases, these external agencies can handle performance reviews, retention, and other key functions.
  • Marketing/Brand Communications: Marketing and communicating to customers is another function that is frequently outsourced. This is especially true when companies adopt new communications strategies using social media or partnering with "influencers". Learning how to manage and grow these marketing channels is easier when partnering with a specialized marketing agency. This allows companies to more quickly reach a target audience instead of risking months of trial and error.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing

There are unique benefits for outsourcing each of these three corporate functions. Companies can take advantage of outsourced call center operations with decades of experience rather than develop that function in-house. When it comes to HR, it can be beneficial to work with external recruiters who have deep industry relationships and can fill highly specialized roles. Outsourced marketing is especially beneficial for mature companies less experienced with emerging social media platforms. These core functions can be seamlessly integrated into a business with the right software.

Critical Software For Outsourcing

Outsourcing corporate functions requires specialized software to manage external relationships and provide the best customer experience. Cloud-based solutions ensure that companies can closely collaborate with outsourced team members or manage a call center on the other side of the world. Some of the best software solutions include "UCaaS" (Unified Communications as a Service and "CCaaS" (Contact Center as a Service).

UCaaS: This solution is a centralized and flexible enterprise communication platform. UCaaS services can be easily scaled to incorporate outsourced functions such as Marketing or HR. These platforms provide enterprise-wide messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration tools that can be accessed worldwide. That means that employees, external contractors, and vendors all enjoy the same communication interface. UCaaS also lowers IT costs by moving communication infrastructure to the cloud.

CCaaS: A cloud based customer experience platform that replicates the functions of a call center. CCaaS can significantly reduce call center costs by eliminating infrastructure investment and maintenance. Top tier CCaaS solutions offer the full suite of call center functions including interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distribution (ACD) without being co-located. These solutions can also improve the customer experience by seamlessly combining phone, email, and text communications.

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