The Role of a Call Center When Outsourcing Fleet Services

If your business requires you to be at several places during the day, you must be thinking of ways to make transportation affordable. This scenario is common among businesses with employees who must meet with customers, send technicians for equipment servicing, or deliver goods. Owning a fleet of vehicles might seem like the best option in such cases.

But this is easier said than done, as small and medium businesses often lack the monetary wherewithal to own vehicles in large quantities. Large enterprises, meanwhile, are forced to cut down operational costs.

This is where outsourcing fleet services come in. Fleet service providers help businesses with the required number of vehicles when needed and manage the maintenance part.

Benefits of Outsourcing Fleet Services

The obvious advantage is that a business doesn’t have to own a fleet of vehicles. With outsourced fleet services, a business is not just saving on the cost of buying the vehicles, but also on the associated costs like fuel, maintenance, toll charges, etc. This way, the business can achieve what they want from a vehicle without paying a dime for vehicle ownership.

Fleet outsourcing service providers also manage the day-to-day aspects of running the fleet. These include maximizing fuel economy, ensuring driver safety, as well as generating the necessary reports to ensure proper fleet functioning.

A company vested in fleet service has a huge and complex tracking task at hand. For example, the dispatchers must know their vehicles’ whereabouts in real time. They must also ensure that customer needs are met. This calls for a communication setup between drivers and the dispatch office that can work around the clock without fail.

Typically, when a company outsources fleet services, such as parcel delivery, for example, they call the service provider directly. The service provider then calls its drivers, and the drivers connect with the client – the parcel recipient, in this case.

Drivers can be distributed around the city, or over large service areas. For information transfer to be effective, they must be able to receive notifications instantly and stay connected, most importantly.

How Call Centers Benefit Fleet Outsourcing

Fleet management success lies in effective communication between fleet managers and drivers. To ensure successful completion of any job, fleet managers must convey the requirements clearly to drivers who are always moving to different places.

However, connecting with drivers can be a pain. Cellular networks aren’t always reliable, leading to instances of dropped calls and miscommunication, which, in turn, can cost the company in terms of profits and business opportunities. Call centers address these issues by making certain job requirements are communicated effectively, and that drivers’ needs are relayed to fleet managers in a timely manner.

Call centers with workforce scheduling capabilities ensure the availability of drivers and equipment at different locations at the right time. They provide drivers with a quick way to connect with the support team when there is a need for technical or emergency roadside assistance. Through call centers, fleet providers can minimize repair and breakdown calls to in-house lines and reduce wait time for drivers.

Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions and Fleet Management

Deploying a traditional call center requires specialized hardware and a dedicated IT staff, which means additional overhead costs. And if hiring the services of a third-party call center is not in the cards for a fleet management company, cloud-based call center solutions are the next best alternative.

A platform-independent call center system allows fleet service providers to bring together everyone involved in the operations: headquarters, branch offices, and outsourced locations. This way, they can operate seamlessly as a team – and all without the need to spend on costly call center infrastructure.

In addition, cloud-hosted call center solutions such as 8x8’s Virtual Contact Center comes with a host of features such as agent performance analytics and workforce management, along with telephony and unified communications that enable clear communication through multiple channels. All this leads to better driver assistance and ensures the improved productivity of agents handling customer support. On-demand data access further allows fleet managers to evaluate fleet performance and make data-driven decisions.

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