How to Efficiently Outsource Marketing for Your Business

Today’s consumer demands an omnichannel experience to connect with brands and businesses. It is crucial then for your business to adopt innovative marketing strategies to attract more buyers and generate revenue.

However, this directly impacts your marketing teams who often have to juggle between developing a marketing plan, creating new content, and distributing as well as managing internal and external communications across different channels.

Too often, the burden of managing multiple tasks will lead to inefficiencies within your marketing teams, eventually affecting your overall marketing campaign. However, there’s an effective solution to address these challenges – outsource marketing!

What It Means to Outsource Your Marketing? 

Businesses are already familiar with the concept of outsourcing and it is a common practice today to outsource business processes, HR functions, customer support, and numerous other non-core business functions. This model has essentially allowed organizations to save time and tap into experts without spending more.

However, outsourcing marketing activities is a relatively new concept but hold a great potential. It is about shifting all the marketing operations. This typically includes marketing strategy development, implementation of marketing activities, content development, advertising, etc. Considering the rising competition and narrowing profit margins, the concept of moving marketing activities to a third-party organization is completely relevant today.

Benefits of Marketing Outsourcing

Focus On Your Expertise: It isn’t necessary that your business would have an efficient marketing system in place. Your expertise could be in delivering the end product and not marketing. It might consume a significant time then to develop a robust marketing function, but again, that is not something you’re good at. This is where marketing outsourcing can become fruitful. A remote marketing team can work to position your company to the right audience so that you can dedicate your entire focus on what matters the most.

Access to Talented Staff: Outsourcing allows you to access a large pool of talented professionals consisting of strategists, analysts, brand managers, communication professionals, SEO specialists, content creators and many more. For your in-house teams, such collaborations can bring fresh perspectives and new insights that drive better results.

Cost Savings: With marketing outsourcing, you get the benefit of having a specialized staff at much less than the cost of full-time executives. This experienced staff will further help you in reducing the cost associated with advertising and software costs.

Flexibility: The constantly shifting market demands may require you to quickly prepare for the change to avoid your business from falling behind in acquiring new customers. With the outsourcing model, you have a specialized team that is readily available whenever there is a need to scale without any long-term commitment.

How Cloud Communications Make Marketing Outsourcing Effective?

While outsourcing marketing activities is a viable alternative for businesses over building in-house teams, it does have a drawback which comes in the form of transparency. The marketing data is valuable to your business and you wouldn’t want to lose it in any case. The solution to this lies in choosing a proper communication and reporting solution that ensures a tight collaboration with your outsourcing partner. This is where cloud communication solutions become useful.

SaaS or Software as a Service based applications such as UCaaS and CCaaS are built specifically for collaboration. Let’s look at the purpose of each in relation to marketing outsourcing.

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service): UCaaS is all about unifying all communication channels to one. From instant messaging, VoIP based voice calling and video conferencing to emails, it essentially brings everything into one single application that can be accessed through the internet from anywhere, on any device. Bringing your outsourcing partner within the UCaaS platform lets you share information and collaborate effectively.

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service): With CCaaS, you can scale your marketing activities even further. The application allows integration of your CRM data and host of other data-driven features to optimize your workforce and bring more efficiency in up selling and cross selling to your potential customers.

The concept of outsourcing marketing activities is quickly gaining momentum, especially within start-ups and SMBs. If used correctly, it enables your business to gain the recognition it deserves and brings a lot of value to your organization. However, managing this outsourcing model is equally important and this requires investing in the right communication resources that offer enhanced collaboration. Cloud services such as UCaaS and CCaaS deliver exactly that, without needing additional investment in setting up IT infrastructure.

Your business has enough on its plate. Outsource what makes sense for your business, choose a world-class SaaS technology solution and focus on what's important: your clients. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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