Reasons why you should Adopt Live Chat Outsourcing

The 21st-century customer is a very demanding customer. Before they make a purchase, they ask a lot of questions. They are very specific on the color, size, and type of products they want. They want to get answers to their questions as and when they ask them. This calls for sophistication when handling them as a business.

According to Forrester, 53% of US online shoppers are likely to cancel their purchase if they fail to get a speedy answer to their question; 73% rank valuation of their time as the most important online customer service quality.

But, how do businesses ensure that they attract and retain these demanding customers? How can companies ensure that their junior customer care employees, located in remote places, are able to address customers’ concerns at the shortest time possible?

The answer lies in upgrading your website with Live Chat software.

What is a Live Chat Software?

This is offline customer service, with live support, help desk software, and web analytics abilities, which allows your potential and current customers to interact with you via your website without incurring any calling costs or having to wait for hours for your response. It works exactly the way Facebook’s Messenger or Google’s Hangout work but with a professional persona.

Unlike phone call-based support, live chats virtually eliminate language barrier in communication. The live chat software comprises translation capabilities that help in translating languages. This enables your businesses to sell to worldwide customers. Also, live chat encourages multitasking with its ability to open several conversations at a go. In addition, live chats have the ability to archive the chats –this can come in handy when you want business insights to make decisions. Even without the potential customers starting a conversation, you will be able to see and know the identity of visitors on your website that you can convert into customers.

Nonetheless, installing Live Chat software will not automatically lead to massive customer attraction and retention. There’s no need of customers asking instant questions if they cannot get instant answers.

To successfully use live chats, you must know how to use reactive click-to-chat buttons. You learn rules that govern proactive chat invitations. You must be able to come up with button or invitation designs that work best in multiple situations. In addition, you must tirelessly work to ensure your chat invitations are accepted and not resented by customers through rigorous study of various statistics and data generated by live chats. On the infrastructure side, you must install a state-of-art call center with a couple of highly-skilled and experienced customer care agents ready to answer to customers’ concerns as and when they come. The bad news is that to do this, you will need to invest a fortune. But, the good news is that, with live chat outsourcing services, you can afford to enjoy the benefits of live chats without incurring a lot of capital expenditure.

Live Chat Outsourcing

There are experienced live chat operators whose main job is to offer services to clients who want operate live chats with their customers but have not enough resources to invest in their own in-house live chat operators and related equipment.

Why is Live Chat Outsourcing a more cost-effective alternative?

  • Manage vast volumes of chat requests: No customer wants to see the option of live chat on a website and upon starting the chat obtains a “no one is available at the moment” message. But, with capabilities such as 8x8’s Agent Supervisor Tools and Agent Console, live chat outsourcing can allow you to effortlessly handle enormous volumes of chat requests. This, in turn, allows you to meet the expectations of your potential customers and possibly convert them into buying your products.
  • Skilled and Experienced Live chat operators: Because of doing the same thing over and over and answering customer queries, outsourced live chat operators gain immense skills, knowledge, and experience as regards to managing potential customers.
  • Cost-effective: It is very expensive to develop a world-class team of live chat operators. To maintain live chat operators, you need to pay salaries, incur recruitment and employment on-costs, and invest in infrastructure, among other investments. When you outsource, you avoid all those costs. What will only be required of you is to focus on the required type and quality of engagement while your partner concentrates on service provision details and day-to-day management. This way, you will focus on generating revenues and fulfilling customer satisfaction.

What Software is Needed?

With software like 8x8’s Virtual Contact Center, you can enhance customer interaction by proactively providing web chat with live agents. The app gives the freedom to decide where and when to offer a chat. This is based on web page float time or your business’ chat capacity. Using machine learning, the app uses customer information from the web interaction to drive screen pops to the agent to create efficient interactions.


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