The Value of Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing is a growing trend within the legal field. Legal firms who are looking to save money are turning to cheaper firms, sometimes overseas, to handle time-intensive, yet necessary legal tasks. Almost every field is experiencing the growth of outsourcing and the legal field is no different.

Learn what legal process outsourcing is, the advantages of outsourcing, along with how unified communication software can streamline the process.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing?

Legal process outsourcing is the process of obtaining outside legal services from another firm or service provider. The location and specialty of the firm depend upon the legal tasks required.

You can typically outsource any activity that doesn't require a face-to-face meeting, negotiations, or anything that requires your physical presence.

It's most often used for more mundane and time-intensive work. Instead of paying in-house staff a high hourly wage you can outsource legal work to a vendor for much cheaper.

The most common types of outsourced legal work include:

  • Document review
  • Due diligence
  • Legal research
  • Discovery work
  • Patent services

However, in some cases, firms are even outsourcing complex legal tasks like court pleadings and briefs.

Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing

By implementing legal process outsourcing you give your firm a competitive advantage while cutting costs across the board. Here are the most common benefits your firm will receive when utilizing legal outsourcing:

1. Cost Savings

Probably the biggest reason firms are considering legal process outsourcing is for the tremendous cost savings. This is done through the process of labor arbitrage, where you can take advantage of lower wages from third party vendors.

Overseas markets are generally much cheaper and you can outsource relatively labor-intensive legal work at a fraction of the cost.

2. Increase Firm Competitiveness

Small and mid-range legal firms can usually get out-competed by larger firms with greater access to resources. But with legal process outsourcing, you can increase your workload and ability to take on more work-intensive cases without having to acquire more staff. This helps to reduce your firm overhead while offering you a more flexible approach to tacking cases.

3. Access to Niche Legal Talent

In some cases, your current firm might not have the necessary legal counsel required in-house. With legal process outsourcing, you can fill any gaps within your existing legal expertise with third-party legal vendors.

This allows you to hire talent on an as-needed basis instead of incurring the costs of maintaining a large regular staff.

4. Improved Case Productivity

With legal process outsourcing, you can effectively have team members working on a case 24/7. By taking advantage of legal staff in different time zones you can have people moving the case forward while others sleep. This can lead to faster case turnaround across the board.

Legal process outsourcing only continues to grow. As more legal outsourcing firms spring up you can expect the advantages to increase as well.

How Unified Communications Software Can Improve the Process

Like most issues in the legal field, timely and accurate communication is paramount. This is doubly true in the instance of outsourcing legal tasks to a third-party firm. You need to continuously be updated to new discoveries, or how the case is proceeding.

If you're outsourcing to legal firms across the globe, then you'll need to combat timezone issues and possibly even language barriers. However, with the right communication software, you can help to streamline your legal workflows between multiple teams.

The most common solution is a unified communication tool. The definition is pretty wide in scope, but it covers things like UCaaS, CCaaS, VoIP tools, and more.

With a cloud communication solution, you'll have a centralized hub where every member of your team (even third-parties) can communicate and share documents. With video conferencing integration you can quickly get case updates and have virtual meetings across time zones. Plus, with a single dashboard to manage all forms of communication no important case details will slip through the cracks.

Legal process outsourcing will only continue to become more mainstream. As firms realize not only the cost benefits but the ability to hire legal talent on an as-needed basis, you can expect the list of commonly outsourced tasks to grow as well. Finally, by using cloud communication software you can integrate your outsourced legal team into your workflow, making it seem as if all of the necessary legal work is actually taking place in-house.

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