What Is Global Outsourcing?

Outsourcing has become a common practice for businesses of all sizes because of its cost and productivity advantages. Rather than managing all of your communications hardware and software in-house, you can hire a company that specializes in hosted communications services. This will free up a large number of resources within the company, allowing it to focus on and funnel resources into its core competency. This is just one example of outsourcing communications on a local scale.

There are many levels of outsourcing. When a business starts outsourcing, it is often within the same country. As the business grows into a global customer base, the need for global outsourcing becomes more relevant. For example, a U.S. based company with a large customer base in Germany and Spain may eventually decide to startup manufacturing in those countries. Depending on its manufacturing needs, it may outsource part or all of its foreign manufacturing.

The alternative to outsourcing globally for this company is to build its manufacturing facility in Germany, hire local people and depend on its local management for success. All of this build out will take a while to complete. US managers will need to constantly go back and forth between the two countries to oversee the build out.

If the company decides to outsource to a company in Germany, the company they hire will already have a facility up and running that's ready to go or requires little preparation to meet customer specific requirements. The local outsourced company will take care of employees needed to run the facility. US managers will not need to fly back and forth to Germany as the build-out through outsourcing is less complex and time-consuming. These managers will be more concerned with the quality of the first few runs.

Call centers are also great candidates for global outsourcing. Going back to the above US company, it has a large customer base in Germany. The company doesn't want to route German customer support calls to the US. Using an outsourced call center located in Germany will be more cost effective and has the benefit of native German speaking, call center representatives.

For a large global company that has customers in many countries, outsourcing call centers to several countries allow them to utilize 24x7 customer support and native speakers.

With teams located in different countries scattered across the globe, communication becomes extremely important. In the next section, we look at the software needed to maintain great communication among these teams.

What Software Is Needed For Efficient Communication Of Global Teams?

When teams are distributed in other geographic regions and countries, communication can be difficult and even break down. A break down in communication usually results in costly mistakes for the company. For this reason, it's important that the quality of communication be a top priority.

Specifically for companies that have call centers distributed globally, VoIP, UCaaS and CCaaS services are used for their communications. These cloud communications services allow call centers to avoid the high cost associated with on-site installations of communications hardware and software. Instead, call centers pay a flat monthly fee for the software, maintenance, and updates.

Communication from headquarters in one country to reps at a call center in another country is as easy as looking up the rep's name in a CRM, checking the displayed local time zone, and clicking call. Both the CRM and call routing software are part of the communication service provider's suite of applications. A call can be easily switched from voice to video. People can also be added if a group called is needed to solve a problem.

A global outsourcing provider will be familiar with restrictions in countries that it operates. This can be beneficial to its customers who might not be as familiar with restrictions, laws, and etiquette of the countries they have operations in.

To summarize the main points in this article:

  • Global outsourcing allows global companies to offload areas of their business that are not core competencies.
  • Using a global outsourcing company has the advantage of utilizing local employees of a specific country.
  • Global communications service providers take into account the difficulties involved with communicating across countries and time zones.

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