Outsourcing Data Entry: How It Works

Outsourcing is a term that we keep hearing more often. Companies are finding new ways to maximize the profit while keeping the budget low and outsourcing is a great way to do just that. One of the most common business functions that we see companies outsource more often are data entry jobs.

Essentially, data entry is the process of analyzing and organizing data as per the requirements of a client. We know that it is a broad statement, and that is for a reason! Data entry doesn’t just means filling up excel sheet with just numbers. It involves collecting data from multiple formats (even handwritten documents and forms), cleansing the collected data to remove redundancy, and transcribing the optimized data into the required formats.

Why Outsource Data Entry?

Although mundane, the data entry process cannot be neglected as it essentially helps in transforming a large amount of collected data into meaningful formats for later use. However, the process of data entry is inherently non-core in nature and is an ideal outsourcing candidate. This is the reason why companies prefer to outsource data entry because it is much cost effective than hiring a full-time data entry specialist in-house.

Also, many data entry jobs are seasonal in nature. This means that the magnitude of work changes time to time. As such, hiring an employee solely for the purpose of data entry is not a viable business model.

Outsourcing comes as the perfect solution. There are freelancers and data entry companies who will gladly accept the jobs that you have at hand. In addition, outsourcing enables you to access talents from all over the world who will dawn the data entry task at a much cheaper rate! In no time you can have teams all over the world working for you when you need them to! And that’s just it.

There is also an increasing trend where companies prefer to build their own offshore centers in low-labor-cost countries to manage data entry tasks. This is usually preferred by organizations that handle sensitive data that require greater control and security.

Whether outsourcing data entry tasks to a third-party organization or shifting the work to an offshore center, one critical aspect is the ability to effectively connect with the remote teams who work for you. This is where the importance of communication comes in. Without the right communication strategy, you will fail to create a smooth pathway for information to be transferred to the remote teams.

Also, with data entry, you need the person doing the project to incorporate changes as soon as it is required. Otherwise, even a minor error can topple large data sets, giving inaccurate results at the end.

The matters become much more complex when you have your teams in a different country or continent. Then, the phone lines fail to do that job and quick returns on your requests aren’t possible unless you adopt a different kind of communication channel — the internet.

Use Cloud Communication to Oversee Outsourced Projects

The process of outsourcing has changed a lot today. The communication channels have broadened in their scope and now businesses can reach prospects from different parts of the world and connect with them using the power of cloud communication.

Some of the popular cloud communication solutions that fit for data entry outsourcing are:

  • UCaaS: UCaaS or Unified Communication as a Service is a cloud communication application that houses many sub-application. In simpler terms, UCaaS gives the user access to communication channels like VoIP, instant messaging, email service, and video calling ability. By adopting UCaaS based communication, you will have a host of communication channels at your disposal. This is helpful in communicating with teams spread out all over the world with ease.
  • VoIP: VoIP is a standalone communication channel that enables users to make calls online. If you need the most basic ways to connect with people to whom you have outsourced data entry or any other sort of projects, then VoIP allows you to call them over the internet, saving you from the high prices set by telecommunication lines.

For a business, choosing between which cloud communication method depends on the actual requirements. The most valuable feature of cloud-based communications solutions is that most of them follow a “pay for what you use” billing method. Hence, you are not overspending on anything you don’t use.

With increasing data volume every single day, data entry outsourcing is here to stay. Shedding this non-core business function to third-party organizations is indeed a profitable way. However, to keep the partnership with your service provider effective, it is important to have the right communication channels in place. With cloud-hosted solutions such as UCaaS and VoIP, businesses can efficiently connect to remote teams, exchange information and track the performance without investing in expensive on-premise IT infrastructure.

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