Understanding Customer Support Outsourcing

Customer support outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core businesses instead of having to do all of the customer support themselves. A qualified, trusted 3rd party company is contracted with for the purpose of outsourcing customer support directly to them.

In this article, you can learn more about how customer support outsourcing works and what software is necessary.

What Is Customer Support Outsourcing?

Customer support outsourcing enables companies to access qualified customer service support without doing all the work internally. Instead of hiring employees directly and having them work in-house, companies can outsource their customer service functions to a trusted 3rd party company that is able to handle the work and specializes in customer support outsourcing.

Using technology, it's now easier than ever to outsource customer support. Employees of the outsourcing partner work closely with the organization that needs customer support to make sure customer needs are responded to appropriately and to ensure customer service goals are met.

How Does Customer Support Outsourcing Work?

Customer support outsourcing allows organizations to extend the reach of their own customer service team. Sometimes, companies hire out their entire customer support operations and don't actually have in-house customer support personnel.

To start, most companies follow a process that looks something like this:

  • Initial planning: The company first identifies a need for outsourcing their customer support, then starts to determine which operational tasks and projects will be outsourced to another company.
  • Search and hiring phase:  From there, the company finds a partner to outsource to and learns more about pricing, scheduling, and other logistics involved with outsourcing to that company.
  • Contract:  If an agreement between the two companies is reached, a contract will be signed. The contract outlines responsibilities and protects the interests of both parties.
  • Implementation:  From there, the two companies work closely together to shift customer support over to the outsourcing company. They'll train staff and begin developing processes, as appropriate, to enable the customer support activities to transfer over successfully to the new company.
  • Renegotiation:  Later, if a change in the agreement needs to occur or if something comes up, the two parties can usually renegotiate the contract.

This process requires extensive communication between the two companies to ensure that the outsourcing is successful. It may take a short time for the two organizations to successfully transfer customer support, but a highly-qualified outsourcing company can usually onboard quickly.

What Software Is Needed for Customer Support Outsourcing?

Customer support outsourcing generally requires software that supports communications between the two companies and allows them to share information. In order to serve customers effectively, the outsourcing company will need access to customer information and will need to be able to communicate directly with customers.

In support of these goals, the following software is often necessary:

  • VoIP (voice over Internet protocol): VoIP is Internet-based phone service, and it is generally a more affordable and effective way to communicate.
  • UCaaS (unified communications as a service): UCaaS can help companies access better communications functionality. By bringing multiple forms of communication together within a single platform, UCaaS allows organizations to become more productive communicators.
  • CRM (customer relationship management):  With a CRM, agents working with the outsourcing company have access to customer information and prior communications. This makes it much easier to share useful customer information with the outsourcing company so everyone is aware of what the customers really need.
  • Cloud storage: Usually, one or more applications are saved in the cloud along with key information both companies need direct access to. This makes it easier to grant permission to individual projects and the data needed for just certain areas of operations.

These and other applications can make it easier for companies to connect, serve customer effectively, and reach goals. With outsourcing, keeping everyone on the same page and providing access to the right tools and information is essential for success.

Getting Started with Customer Support Outsourcing

Organizations can use customer support outsourcing to reach their customer service goals even if they choose not to have an in-house customer support team. By creating a contract with a customer support company, your organization can benefit from their expertise and have someone else take on the customer support functions to help your team take on other projects.

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