What You Need to Know About Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Call center outsourcing is one option for organizations that want to avoid having call center functions in-house. Companies that wish to outsource their call center department simple need to find a contact center company that can provide the personnel, software, facilities, and other necessary aspects of running a call center.

In this article, you can learn more about what is typically involved with call center outsourcing and how it works.

What is a Call Center Outsourcing Company?

Call center outsourcing companies provide communications services to other organizations. As we mentioned above, many companies find hosting their own call centers can be costly and difficult to maintain, thus leading them to hire other businesses to provide call center services such as telemarketing and customer support.

Generally, call centers have contracts with their clients to outline expectations and protect the interests of every party involved. These contracts may be service plans spelling out specific call volumes, numbers of customer tickets that can be managed within a given period, or minutes of phone communications with customers.

How Does Call Center Outsourcing Work?

Typically speaking, call center outsourcing works by two companies creating an agreement and sharing the information and resources to meet the client company's goals. The outsourcing company charges for this service and is responsible for paying the call center team and providing all software and infrastructure unless agreed to otherwise.

Usually, something similar to this process is followed:

  • Planning: During the initial planning phase, the company determines that outsourcing is needed and that an outsourced call center may be beneficial to reaching their goals. They pick specific tasks and projects to outsource to a call center, and then they move on into the hiring search.
  • Search and hiring process: From there, the company starts looking for a call center they can outsource to. They begin asking questions and finding out more information about what the call center is able to provide and how they work. Some of the biggest distinguishers between call centers is whether or not they utilize the cloud.
  • Contract: Once they've found a call center, the hiring company can then create a contract with the call center to outline expectations for the corporate relationship and also protect the best interests of both organizations.
  • Implementation: After deciding on a call center and signing a contract, the client starts to share information with the call center and work closely to train the call center's agents on the right processes and goals.
  • Renegotiation: From there, if either party later decides to change the contract, there may be a renegotiation to revisit and change terms.

Generally, this is a smooth process with few hiccups, but it does require extensive communication and cooperation between the two organizations. Over time, the hiring company will be watching closely to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Types of Software Call Center Companies Use

Call center companies rely on a variety of different software systems to successfully fulfill communications functions.

These software systems are commonly seen as part of call center outsourcing:

  • VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) phones: VoIP is an Internet-based phone technology that makes it cheaper and easier to afford phone service at scale than traditional phone plans. A call center company typically uses VoIP to save money and access better phone features and flexibility.
  • UCaaS (unified communications as a service): Through a UCaaS platform, call centers can access a variety of different modes of communication and also save money while communicating. Text, phone, chat, and email are common features.
  • CCaaS (contact center as a service): All the software and technology necessary to run a contact center is rolled into one with a CCaaS, so these are fairly common among call centers.
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud-hosted software applications are common among call centers and are offered by vendors who provide both the software and the supporting services necessary to use it.
  • CRM (customer relationship management) software: With CRM software, call centers can access information they need about each customer they interact with. This helps them know how to serve their customers more effectively.

Other software may also be necessary for tracking analytics, managing the call center, or taking care of human resources functions for the call center's team.

Getting Started with Call Center Outsourcing

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