Universal Team Messaging Features

FeaturesDescription X2 X4 X6 X8 
1-on-1 instant
Ability to message any individual user within
a company’s global directory
Team messagingProvide group chat functionality to send
messages to public or private rooms
team messaging with
Chatter, Slack, etc.)
Real-time interoperability with 3rd party
chat applications such as Slack, Chatter and
20+ messaging apps to enable them to work
as one within and across companies
Business SMS and
Send and receive text messages from your
8x8 phone number to any other phone number
Presence detectionSee who is available, busy, away, in do-not-disturb mode, on a call or in a meeting.
You can also set your status to show as offline
using invisible mode
Unlimited Internet faxSend and receive online faxes

Learn more about the 8x8 universal team messaging features and how they're tailored for the manufacturing industry. 

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