Integrating with Productivity Applications

Email, phone systems and collaboration tools are among the most used applications in the workplace. Let’s talk numbers: Employees on average spend 28% of their work week reading and replying to emails, 92% of all customer interactions happen on the phone and 50% of the global workforce is projected to work remotely by 2020 (sources: McKinsey, Salesforce, London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit). Integration of 8x8 communications with G Suite and Office 365 is quick and easy to deploy integration at no additional cost. The G Suite integration is highlighted below.


Integrated softphone

8x8 integrated with G Suite starts with
click-to-dial and click-to-join within your
Gmail or Google calendar respectively.

G Suite integration: Click-to-dial within the Gmail UI

Auto-filtering of emails related to the caller

When a call comes in, you instantly get a screen pop-up showing who it is based on the corporate directory. All the emails you have exchanged with the caller are instantly presented.

G Suite integration: Auto-filtering of emails related to the caller

Integrated search

The integrated search feature pulls information from the corporate
directory, upcoming meetings, call history, phone numbers, extension
and even availability based on Google calendar. If the person
“available,” just click on his or her extension/phone number right
from the search results and connect.

G Suite integration: One click search across all the connected platforms

Single platform of engagement

A key goal of this integration is to provide users with a single user interface. The result is one experience for emails and business communications. Now users can easily navigate through all the emails related to a customer without missing a beat during the conversation.

G Suite Integration: Single UI for both emails and communications

Plug and play: One step to integrate

Integration of 8x8 communications with G Suite is quick and easy to deploy and comes at no additional cost.

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