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One of the main reasons 8x8 is consistently a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant is due to our commitment to delivering the best communications experience. With 160+ patents, 15 data centers across the globe and highest levels of security and compliance, we are able to go so far as guarantee your call quality in the contract!


Turbocharging your customer experience

Delivering a differentiated customer experience often requires the addition of high octane capabilities. Use these 8x8 X Series features to turbocharge your team’s ability to optimize every precious moment of engagement.

Mix and match seats: While the plans above represent what a majority of businesses need, the X Series provides businesses with the ability to create a custom solution that best meets their unique requirements.

Expert Connect: Having knowledge workers and contact center associates on a common communications system is especially relevant to businesses today. This way they can deliver a highly responsive customer experience by quickly delivering the exact information they need to quickly resolve issues, answer questions and close deals.

Centralized and easy administration: The ability to make changes across 10, 100 or 1,000 locations without having to go through a local vendor accelerates the ability of larger organizations to react to changing market dynamics, special promotions and seasonality.

Script8 configuration: Businesses now have the ability to adjust messages and experiences seasonally, to reflect new products and promotions, taking what was a passive communication channel and turning into another opportunity for promotion and customer marketing.

Single vendor, predictable costs: Instead of managing 20 offices with 20 local telecom vendors, 20 local ISPs and even potentially 20 local telcos and an MPLS vendor as well, 8x8 simplifies vendor relationship and lowers costs by replacing those service agreements and local phone bills with one consolidated, consistent monthly fee.

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