Collaborative Contact Center Features

FeaturesDescription X2 X4 X6 X8 
Auto attendantA service that acts as an automated receptionist.
Through profiles and rules, select which phone
menu options and recordings are used at
specific times for callers to route themselves
to the appropriate destination
Ring groups /
Hunt groups
Distribute calls within specific departments by
having all the phones in a group ring at once
or set up a “round robin” approach where the
extensions in the group ring in a specific order
until the call is answered
Call queuesPlace callers in a queue in the order received
until the next agent becomes available,
allowing you to serve your customers promptly,
courteously and efficiently
Expert ConnectChat and bridge available experts onto a call
with a single click, all without leaving the single
user interface
Contact Center
Calling Zone
Includes 4,000 minutes per concurrent contact
center seat (local and international, inbound
and outbound, within 47 country zone). The
total minutes included are the pooled total of all
agents. If a customer exceeds the total usage pool
allowed in any given month, extra minutes will
incur standard usage rates. Toll calls and special
numbers are not included in the allowed usage
Outbound preview
campaign dialer
In preview mode, a customer’s information will
be presented at the time the system begins the
call. This allows the agent to read the customer’s
information while waiting for the call to be
connected. The agent must manually answer
and terminate the call when completed
Outbound predictive
AI dialer
Using AI technology, dial multiple numbers
simultaneously and connect answered calls
to agents. Unanswered calls are automatically
marked incomplete and can be dialed again later
Interactive voice
response (IVR)
Quickly connect callers with agents and
streamline customer flow, allowing customers
to get quick answers to simple questions and
helping companies identify the right resource to
help a customer with a given issue
inbound voice
Match customers to the best available agent—
without programming or IT help, boosting firstcall resolution rates and customer satisfaction
Graphical call-flow
View the caller’s journey from the moment they
reach the call center through to call termination.
Reveals step-by-step experience in the IVR,
queuing to agents, agent connection and post call survey. Use this to expose an ‘outside-in’
view of your contact center to enable continual
process improvement and agent training
Post-call surveyCapture the voice of the customer with 8x8’s
native post-call survey application. Surveys
help you take appropriate action to ensure your
customer engagement management strategy is
optimized to meet customer needs
Native CRMLeverage a built-in customer contact and case
management tool to provide agents with critical
customer information and make every agent
interaction more efficient
KnowledgebaseProvide your customers with faster, smarter and
more consistent answers using a collection of
frequently asked questions (FAQ) to provide the
right answer quickly, reliably and consistently
Queued callbackGive callers the option to stop waiting on hold,
provide their phone number and receive an
automatic callback as soon as it’s their turn,
eliminating long hold times and boosting caller
Web callbackAllow customers to request a call from an agent
from an online form, saving time for customers
and better managing your agents’ time
Inbound chat,
email and social
Meet your customers on the channels they
choose with a 360-degree view of all of a
customer’s communications across all available
Co-browseAllow your agents to see exactly what is on the
customer’s page, quickly helping customers find
the information they are looking for or clarifying
any questions they may have while filling out a
form online
CC voice and
screen recording
and archiving
Recording and archiving available for call center
compliance, record keeping, agent training and
process improvement

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