Advanced Analytics Features

FeaturesDescription X2 X4 X6 X8 
Company summary
See a consolidated view of numerical and
graphical details about call activities and
metrics for any dates selected

Extension summaryView more than 20 selectable columns of
detailed information on call activity on any
and all extensions

Call detail recordsGet historical information about all calls
processed in the selected time frame, including
real-time missed and abandoned call details
for quick call-back—to avoid missing leads or
customer service opportunities. You’ll also see
the caller’s entire customer journey throughout
the organization, including call transfers—to
help increase customer satisfaction
Active callsSee real-time information about all calls
currently being processed within the
organization. Details include the caller’s journey
throughout the organization up to that point
Unreturned callsMatch inbound calls to outbound calls to find
unreturned calls within the selected date range
Calls by DIDSelect and view detailed information for all
direct inbound numbers (DIDs)

Service quality analyticsStatus on endpoints, MOS scores and summary

Supervisor analyticsReporting on call queues, ring groups and
agent performance

WallboardsProvide a real-time view into critical contact
center metrics

Contact center
Analytics to know what is working and to
fix what isn’t

Customer experience
Visibility into customer interactions and
IVR usage

Quality managementPerformance management tool built around
collaboration and coaching

Speech transcription
and analytics
Provides voice-of-the customer insights
for 100% of calls

Improve staffing efficiency


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