Importance of a VA Hospital Call Center

Veteran’s Affairs (VA) hospitals exist to provide veterans with essential care services. Part of taking care of patients is communicating with them effectively. Like most hospitals, customer service is paramount, but it can be difficult to keep up with the volume of daily contact requests.

A lot of health organizations have turned to call centers to improve levels of communication across the board. Beyond being able to answer calls and help patients more effectively, a call center can also help to streamline workflows across other aspects of your organization.

Learn how a VA hospital call center can help to greatly improve your level of service, and why every VA hospital can benefit from using a call center.

What is a VA Hospital?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides eligible veterans with hospital care and patient services. These treatments can be wide in scope, and cover anything that will help to promote or restore an individual’s health.

There are multiple different VA health care programs that veterans can be eligible for. The health care that you’re eligible for will determine the costs you’ll pay for healthcare, along with any additional benefits you might receive.

There is no single VA hospital, but instead a network of different hospitals and health care facilities that provide specific services. There are 21 different regions that are separated into different Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN). Each of these networks has their own list of medical centers that are broken down by the types of care available. These different care providers are effectively called VA hospitals.

You can use this tool to find the VA medical center that's closest to you.

What is a VA Hospital Call Center?

A VA hospital call center operates in a similar fashion to other hospital or health care call centers. Call centers can either be located in-house or outsourced to a third-party provider. However, the overarching goal remains the same: to improve patient care and communication.

It’s common for VA hospitals to be overloaded with patient requests. Typically veterans hospitals will be handling thousands of patients at any given time. Being able to effectively communicate with every patient on a timely basis can be very difficult.

Hence employing a call center to help streamline patient communication and improve scheduling and treatment across the board.

Here are some benefits that a VA hospital call center can provide:

  • Ability to handle a higher monthly call volume
  • Better serve patients and efficiently process all requests
  • Reduce the burden that falls on administrative staff through call resolution
  • Offer better crisis response times
  • Improve hospital scheduling and outpatient follow-up

Why VA Hospitals Need Call Centers? 

VA Hospitals deals with an overwhelmingly large amount of requests. Without a dedicated call center, it’s nearly impossible to process the volume of phone calls that are received on a monthly or daily basis.

The call volume alone puts stress on other departments and reduces their working efficiency as well. For example, administrative staff can be pulled in to help process phone calls, instead of the other tasks their jobs entail.

By using a call center the story is a bit different. Instead of having to put patients on hold forever, patients can speak with a call center agent very quickly. Call center agents go through extensive training as well to not only provide a high level of service but to ensure a patient’s privacy as well. This is very important for any organizations that process any electronic personal health information (ePHI).

Call centers are equipped with additional services too, like the ability to send backup calls to voicemail, provide feedback on call quality, and integrate the call center into any existing communication infrastructure.

Veterans deserve a high level of care. With a VA hospital call center, you can provide patients with efficient phone support and a communication system that’ll enhance your organization across the board. Simply put, it would be near impossible to handle the volume of phone calls and other requests without the support of a call center.

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