Healthcare Call Center Rep: Defining the Role

A healthcare call center rep is on the front lines and often the first person a patient interacts within a hospital, doctor's office or another healthcare facility. These representatives require great interpersonal skills and the ability to direct a patient, as needed, to other appropriate staff. This means possessing a comprehensive knowledge about the facility and staff in which the call center agent is working.

Important Skills Any Healthcare Call Center Rep Should Possess

A customer service agent within a healthcare call center will need a wide-range set of skills. One of the most important is the ability to efficiently work with any existing call center software, many of which include a slew of features that enable the call center to operate productively.

It's possible the customer service agent will have experience working with your software, as call centers tend to use only a select few of name brands. But, as the market for call center software continues to grow, so too does the number of call center systems.

Even if the agent isn't familiar with the call center's software, they will have experience with similar software. This experience will carry over and cut down the amount of required training, as the agent won't need to start from scratch. Bringing someone in without any experience using call center software is a completely different path that requires far more extensive training.

Providing training is a must for any new healthcare call center agent. While they may be familiar with the call center software, the healthcare company will have a specific way in which they use the software and a particular workflow for interacting with customers. Additionally, the representative will need to know the various staff, so appropriate directing of calls can be handled.

Of course, any call center with an in-demand product or service will have a large volume of inbound and outbound calls. Representatives will need to get through their calls in a timely manner. This means being courteous while also being efficient.

In some cases, the healthcare call center agent may be expected to upsell products, meaning they'll need to have sales skills and experience. Not all agents have this special skill set, so more searching may be needed to find these specific agents.

Providing feedback on various analytics is another critical skill. Most call center software will provide some type of analytics. Since representatives work with the software every day, they are a good source of additional information about operational efficiencies. When the back office team analyzes call center analytics, they may not understand certain data points. But the representative can likely interpret the information for them, given their everyday use of the software.

How to Find a Qualified Healthcare Call Center Representative

You can certainly post to the job boards in hopes of finding the right candidate. But a surprising and legitimate source is your call center software provider. They work with healthcare call center agents all the time to improve their call center software, so these providers will likely have a few great sources for finding qualified agents.

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