Cloud Communication Solutions for Retail

Retail businesses need effective communications platforms so they can perform essential business operations. Without communication, retailers can't function properly — no business can. Cloud communications platforms offer advanced communications features that power modern eCommerce, retail chains and small business retail companies. These retail business solutions have significant advantages over legacy phone systems, such as reduced cost, improved functionality, scalability and greater integration with other essential systems used within the business for information and data management.

What is a cloud communications platform?

Cloud communications platforms use software operated on an offsite server, with access usually rented from the communications vendor. This means the retailer doesn't have to own their own separate server equipment, potentially reducing costs and making it easier for the communications system to scale to the needs of the company. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, unified contact systems and related technologies used for retail communication and correspondence can all function integrated together within a single platform.

What do retailers need for retail communication and correspondence?

For an effective communications system, the following retail business solutions are usually necessary:

  • PBX: A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is an important part of the retail communications system, since it manages and routes phone traffic through the retailer's internal network. In a cloud communications platform, these functions are performed in the cloud so the retailer doesn't need to purchase or specifically rent a PBX unit to keep onsite.
  • Phone Devices: Depending on the specific retail business solutions used, headsets, handsets or softphones may be configured as part of the cloud communications platform. As part of integrated solutions for retailers, one or several different models of these phones may all be connected within the same network.
  • Internet Connection: Since VoIP systems rely on the internet to transmit voice data, you'll need a strong internet connection that has enough bandwidth to provide a high-quality sound experience. Depending on what call volume you experience and how big your phone system is, how much bandwidth you'll need may vary.
  • VoIP System/Integrated Retail Communications Solution: Of course, you'll need a communications service provided by a vendor.
  • Contact Center: Larger retailers probably need a full contact center. This can be virtual, with employees located anywhere and connected together via the internet, or it can be a physical central location with everyone communicating under one roof. Thanks to the power of the cloud and the internet, it's all possible.

Linked together, cloud communications platforms get everyone talking — with vendors, coworkers, customers and the public. This is why having the right retail business solutions is so essential. Your business operations depends on it. The cloud allows retailers to have even more options than ever before to stay connected.

What retail business challenges can cloud communications platforms solve?

Cloud communications platforms can help retailers stay better connected than legacy systems such as plain old telephone service (POTS) made possible. POTS is expensive, costly to maintain and isn't as integrated with today's technology solutions as cloud communications platforms are.

Retailers who experience large call volumes can reduce their costs per call and per contact by using internet-powered phone service. As it turns out, smaller retailers also save money with VoIP and cloud communications, since they can get much better phone functionality and more features at a lower cost than ever before. Creating contact centers, linking teams that are geographically distant from each other, and managing the flow of information is a lot easier thanks to today's integrated solutions for retailers.

Connect Your Retail Business

Cloud communications platforms offer so much more to retailers of all sizes and business models. By making phone service and communications easier to scale, these retail business solutions address some of retail's biggest challenges and help retailers understand their customers. You can stay competitive in a changing industry with the right communications and integrated solutions for retailers. Reduce your costs and improve your communications with the right cloud-hosted platform.

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