Why Recruiters Are Switching to a VoIP Phone Line

Are you considering installing a VoIP phone line? While landlines are favorable as cheap alternatives, VoIP offers more cost-saving features. In fact, more HR managers and recruiters are switching to VoIP phone services. It can either complement or replace your traditional headsets. VoIP can expand the services you're able to offer staff and clients. And, with easy setups and consistent reliability, VoIP offers quality business owners need.

Here are a few reasons why more recruiters and HR professionals are making the decision to switch to VoIP.

What Is a VoIP Line?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a digital phone service that uses the internet. With VoIP, you have secure broadband or cable lines that are encrypted and secure. This is one reason why it's preferred by business owners.

Running a recruiting service can be stressful. You may have clients all over the country that need new talent — and you don't get paid unless you can carefully screen your applicants. That's why VoIP is preferred by recruiters and HR managers. You can use enhanced features like video conferencing, remote calling and voice to email. These are cost-efficient features with VoIP. They can help you run a successful recruiting business while reaching your bottom line.

How Is VoIP Different From a Landline?

VoIP uses digital service through your internet or cable connection. This isn't the same as a landline; landlines use copper wires to connect phones. Landlines are also antiquated and limited in their capabilities. With landlines, while you can use dial-up modems, fax and phone, that's about all they can do. VoIP, on the other hand, has several benefits:


With VoIP phone service, you can save up to 90 percent on monthly phone bills.

Because you can send faxes internally, you don't need to pay for upgraded fax equipment. International call rates are cheaper and these can include unlimited local calls and long distance.

Some VoIP providers offer on-network calling and the plans are cheaper. It's also easier for businesses to price plans based on their particular needs.

Custom Features

VoIP can include several custom features. Options might include hold music, voice to email and conferencing. Other features include call recording and auto-attendants. These can help improve workflows and time with clients.

Free features are included that would normally incur a surcharge with traditional phones. These include call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls and caller ID.

It's also easy to integrate with Salesforce and Outlook to keep track of contacts and applicants.

Easy Setup

Setting up your VoIP service is easy and you may be able to use your existing internet connection.

VoIP phones let you make calls the same way you would with traditional phone lines.

You can track call times, view billing, analytics and manage call activity.

Quality and Reliability

With VoIP service, there's no downtime and your service is consistently available.

You can use VoIP anywhere in the world. This is helpful if you're traveling and clients need to reach you. They won't know that calls were forwarded to your smartphone.

If you change office locations, you can keep the same phone numbers and extensions.

8x8's VoIP Phone Service and Software

Finding the right talent takes time. And when it comes to communications, 8x8 offers the best technology for your recruiting business. 8x8's VoIP services let you collaborate across multiple locations. You can video conference with applicants, take calls remotely, and use voicemail to email.

With fast integration, new hires are easy to add and managing client contacts is a breeze. 8x8 offers a helpful smartphone app to help you integrate your mobile devices. And, 8x8's VoIP service offers convenient 24/7/365 support. This ensures you'll have reliable support around the clock.


To work efficiently, you need a global reach and 8x8 can help you achieve that. From video conferencing to remote calling, 8x8's VoIP phone service can help you connect with clients and applicants anytime and anywhere. With so many cost-efficient and custom features 8x8 offers, it confirms why recruiting agencies are switching to 8x8 VoIP phone services.

The right technology makes all the difference when it comes to recruiting and retaining key talent. Streamline your recruitment process with 8x8 and focus on growing your recruitment business. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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