Setting up your 8x8 Virtual Office phone service

8x8 Virtual Office is so easy to set up, you can do it yourself. We walk you through the whole process during a one-hour phone call. We also offer a convenient professional installation service. It’s your choice.

The easiest way to set up your service is to let one of our technical installation reps walk you through it over the phone. It’s fast and free. If you need an appointment, call the 8x8 appointment hotline at 866-208-9369. If you like, you can preview these resources to get an idea of what to expect.

Business Phone System

8x8 professional implementation service

If you have a large number of extensions, many locations or a complex network environment, 8x8 Implementation Service offers a comprehensive implementation experience for your new 8x8 solution by partnering with your team to address all of your deployment and implementation needs.

Your 8x8 project manager guides you through the implementation process from beginning to end. This process includes:

  • Gathering the necessary requirements for your unique implementation
  • Designing a service that best suits your business needs
  • Assisting with the configuration and setup of your phone service
  • Coordinating your phone number transfers
  • Scheduling training for your team before going live with your phone system

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