Create an Inbound Queue

An inbound queue is necessary to receive and manage incoming calls. To create an inbound queue, navigate to the Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and select the Queues Tab.
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Optimize Inbound Queue Settings

After creating your Inbound Queue you can edit the settings to further customize your queue. Settings include time of day policies, call recording options, call redirecting features, audio message configurations, and many other features to suit your Contact Center needs.
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Assign Agents to Queues

You can assign agents to specific queues from Agents, Teams and Queues under Configuration. To assign an agent to specific queues, click the Gear icon of the right side of the agent to be assigned, then select Assign Queues.
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Creating an IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a quick way for customers to get answers to questions or be routed to the right person or department. An IVR queue is a queue with an automated menu to help direct callers to their desired location. To create an IVR menu, press the gear icon, then IVR Creator. 
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Time of Day

Time of Day policies determine what happens to incoming calls when the office is closed or open. Incoming calls may be be forwarded to voicemail, terminated, or jump to a specified queue.
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Top Up and Billing

The Billing Overview provides a general overview of how much you have spent over the last 6 months in a month by month breakdown.

To top up your balance, hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and click on Billing. Click on the Top Up button located on the top right hand corner of the screen.
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Allocate Numbers

The Allocate direct inward-dial (DID) numbers feature allows you to obtain local numbers from most areas of the country on demand.
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