What are Unified Messaging Solutions?

Unified messaging solutions and unified communications systems enable organizations to get more work done and communicate more effectively. Thanks to VoIP phones (Voice over Internet Protocol) and other communications methods, unified communications can empower employees to connect together and share information. 

In this article, you can read more about how unified messaging and unified communications work. You can also learn more about how to get started with the service and how it can benefit your company. Unified messaging has the power to improve how your organization communicates and how well you work together to reach your goals. 

What Are Unified Messaging Solutions? 

Unified messaging solutions allow your organization to provide employees with a single personal portal where they can review all of their messages. This enables them to work from home, collaborate better on projects and get more work done as a group. By creating one portal where all of their messages can be found, you can help your team members save time and simplify their work and personal lives. 

Unified messaging can bring together multiple voicemail accounts to send all voicemail messages to one central location, which is usually an email address. Later, users can review their personal messages and respond. Messages are typically delivered as text transcripts of voicemail audio, so they can be read instead of just listened to. 

Although it's a type of unified communications, unified messaging is somewhat different because it pertains to voicemail, while unified communications is much broader and can also encompass other communications such as email and text messaging. In many software systems, video conferencing is also an option. Basically, unified communications can be a one-stop-shop for staying in touch and getting work done. Team members can share information quickly, efficiently, and cheaply. 

How Do Unified Messaging Solutions Work? 

In order to bring together your messages, unified messaging solutions pull new messages in from a variety of different voicemail boxes. Your messages come in from different sources and are transcribed; either automatically by software or by transcriptionists. Typically, transcription software is used and records of the messages arrive in your inbox whenever a new voicemail is sent to the recipient. 

Messages can be checked remotely. This makes remote work much easier. Even while away from the office and without access to your voicemail directly, you can still receive and use your messages. 

What Are Examples of Unified Messaging Solutions? 

Unified messaging solutions typically work with voicemail, although there are plenty of unified communications systems that bring messages in from a variety of different types of communications, such as: 

  • Email: Bringing together your email messages and even messages from other accounts to a single mailbox. 
  • Chat: Your instant message and chat communications can also be brought to your box. 
  • Phone: Phone calls are enabled by the VoIP phone service within the unified communications solution. 
  • Document collaboration: You can share documents and solicit comments from coworkers and others on the same project through our unified messaging software solution. 
  • File sharing: Share files quickly and easily so your can use them as resources or as part of your projects. 
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud-based software allows companies to benefit from software and communications systems without necessarily having the infrastructure and onsite software installed on their own systems. 

Thanks to these and other benefits, companies can collaborate better and accomplish more. These teams can get more work done and communicate more effectively with the right unified messaging tools. 

Getting Started With Unified Messaging Solutions

Unified messaging and unified communications can help companies collaborate and stay organized. Unified messaging systems bring voicemail messages and unified communications brings together communications from different sources so that companies can quickly and easily collaborate. Communications systems can help companies save money and get the communication services they need to reach their own quotas and productivity goals. These systems provide one-platform access to the communications your business needs to thrive, all in a friendly interface that can be easily learned and used. 

Your business needs every cog in your machine to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Team Messaging System your business gets the unified messaging it needs without the need for multiple disparate systems. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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