Integrate Faxing Capabilities with Unified Messaging

When organizations make the switch to cloud-based communication solutions, they do it with an eye to the future. But that shouldn't mean ignoring the past. The fax was a vital tool for business communication for many years, and there are still organizations that rely heavily on transferring documents via fax. 

For those too young to remember, the fax was a system where pages were scanned into a fax machine on one end, and then transmitted over a telephone line to a number where a printer or fax machine would print them out. The quality of printout was variable, but faxing was an extremely useful and popular way of moving documents from one location to another. 

Times change and with the advent of the internet, the fax quickly fell out of favor. But it never disappeared completely. 

Fax-UC Integration

So how does a unified communications service implement a fax service? When a user sends a fax over IP, instead of via a phone line, the image data is transmitted as packets through the public internet. By using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) instead of the public phone network, you save money on the long-distance charges associated with the phone line, and the integrity of the system is maintained as the data is transmitted from within the unified communications dashboard. 

Fax to Email

While there are still consumers using the fax-to-fax service, it's far more likely that a modern organization would look to use fax to email as a more viable option. If your company already has a unified messaging system, then a document can be faxed directly to an email address. 

In that instance, an alert pops up via the email interface and then all you need to do is to click the link in that particular email or log in to your UC dashboard and the fax will be there for you to print or to download. If you want to send a fax, then you simply log in, type in the fax number, attach the document or file and send it off to the customer.

Faxing has never been easier than via unified messaging. 

6 Benefits of Using Unified Messaging for Fax

There are many solid reasons why you should consider moving all faxing operations into your unified messaging system so that they work alongside your instant messaging, voicemail, ring groups, virtual office meetings and all the other aspects of a trusted unified messaging setup. 

Here are a few of the main points to consider for integrating fax into UC:

  1. No limits to fax size. You can send multiple documents in the same fax; just keep adding attachments
  2. Create a customized fax cover sheet with your branding, details and company info
  3. Send and receive an unlimited number of online faxes
  4. Easy access to view, share, download or delete sent and received faxes
  5. Email integration allows you to click a link instantly to view, print or save your fax
  6. Monitor your fax status in real-time: it's either pending, failed or sent

Know the Limitations

There are industry-wide limitations to using fax via VOIP and it's important that you are aware of them. Cloud-based communications provider 8x8 explains that "these limitations are technology-based and industry-wide. Several VoIP companies, including 8x8, use the T.38 standard for sending faxes over the internet. Although the standard promises better reliability, that standard is still open to interpretation by various providers and cannot be maintained on an end-to-end basis."

You should also be aware that the fax system will be converting your formatting into a .PDF format for easy delivery. 

Integrate the Fax Into Your UC Today

At the end of the day, there is simply no reason to treat faxing differently from your other messaging functions. While it may be a holdover from a previous technological era, it is simple to integrate faxing into your streamlined, easy-to-use VOIP system, in order to monitor and manage the system with no fuss or hassle. 

Your business needs every cog in your machine to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Team Messaging System your business gets the unified messaging it needs without the need for multiple disparate systems. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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