Unified Messaging With Clients

Organizations that make the switch to cloud-based communication solutions quickly see the benefits of unified messaging for their staff. But the value of unified messaging with clients is often overlooked, and yet it makes a huge difference in the speed and quality of responses between a company and the people that it is supposed to be serving.

Unified messaging uses the various tools that most people are familiar with, such as email, instant messaging, presence indicators, ring groups and more, and brings them together on one platform that feels simple and intuitive for both clients and staff to make use of.

5 Reasons Why Unified Messaging Is So Effective.

  1. Due to the fact that it runs off one platform, unified messaging delivers one uniform experience for all employees using voice, messaging and meeting applications.
  2. Because its built for a global audience and designed for mobility, all employees in the directory have instant access to the platform.
  3. Business to business collaboration is transformed as companies share information and strategy across multiple messaging platforms.
  4. The ability to scale up rapidly to accommodate thousands of new employees and down during quieter times is a key feature of unified messaging.
  5. Bots are becoming a standard as a communications tool, and unified messaging systems are perfect for API's to support bot development.

The Artco Group Experience

When the Artco Group, a heavy plate manufacturing company, acquired a number of smaller companies and instantly increased their workforce from a single office with five employees to a multi-site organization with over 250 employees, they realized quickly that they needed a new unified communications system.

VOIP provider 8x8 reports on the problems the company experienced as they grew: "Hard drive crashes on the NEC system resulted in lost voicemail messages, and controller card failures brought the whole phone system down. And because of the system’s gateway configuration, when service in New York crashed, so did phone service in Ohio and Texas.

Poor voice quality and dropped calls plagued users, particularly those at the Ohio manufacturing facility whose phone service was delivered via copper wiring laid in 1963. The complexity and interplay of the Artco Group’s VPN, broadband connectivity, NEC hardware, and IP phone service made it difficult to troubleshoot and resolve problems."

Once the shift to a new cloud-based solution occurred, the communications problems the company experienced internally began to fade away. But what they didn't expect was the unified messaging solutions with clients that became major selling points of doing business with the Aorta Group, in particular with regard to;

The Quality of Calls: Speaking over the phone when the line is crystal clear makes for a far more pleasant experience and lessens the chance of mistakes happening due to miscommunication.

Auto Attendant Capabilities: An auto attendant service allows you to specifically tailor your messaging and greetings for that particular location or company. The Artco Group has begun using auto attendants at multiple locations, each with its own individualized menu.

The Use of Ring Groups: Routing an incoming call to an individual employee is a risky business, as they may not be available. With the use of ring groups, calls get distributed based on function, and each function is assigned a ring group, so there is always back-up when a call comes in.

Artco Group CIO Damian Brennan explains the benefits, "Before, if someone was out, we had no way of accessing their messages and responding to callers. By aligning our ring groups with functions, we can see when there’s a message and take the necessary action. It’s made us much more responsive to callers.”

At the end of the day, there is no more important skill for a company than to communicate effectively with their clients. If you get that right, then everything else should flow naturally from that point. Companies need tools that facilitate the communication process, not make it harder to achieve. That's why a unified communications solution with client-facing properties is so important in order to compete in today's digital economy.

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