Importance of the Unified Messaging App

To collaborate and communicate with external partners, suppliers and customers, most businesses use an assortment of email, messaging apps, voice calls, video conferencing and face-to-face interaction. In most cases, individual departments within the organization use different messaging applications. These diverse communication apps make cross-disciplinary collaboration difficult. Running these many communication applications often create chaos and make it tough to guarantee that everyone has access to the right information at the right time. However, with the advent of unified messaging apps, you do not need to worry.

What is a Unified messaging app?

Unified messaging, also known as the unified messaging system (UMS), is the managing of voice, fax, and regular text messages using a single platform that a user can access through a unified messaging app.

The unified messaging app acts as a one-stop-shop for SMS, MMS, Google Voice, and Google Talk. As such, it keeps your devices clutter-free by eliminating the need to download many messaging apps.

Key Unified Messaging Features

There are several brands of unified messaging apps in the market. The global unified communications market size is projected to reach USD 143.49 billion by 2024. Also, different unified messaging apps have different features. But, a typical unified messaging app has the following features:

  • Automated Attendant: This feature allows callers to intuitively reach the specific department or individual they are looking for by making use of either the touch-tone menu input or voice-response recognition capabilities.
  • Receiving Voicemails: With the unified messaging app, it’s easy to receive voicemails by using a phone, from the email client, via the web-based email address or using mobile phone-based email access. This is because all voicemail messages are stored in a common inbox along with e-mail and other communications. With this app, you can either play the voicemails directly from within an e-mail or attached them to the e-mail as an audio file.
  • Receiving Faxes: Unlike traditional faxing that requires that you receive the faxes exclusively from fax machines, unified messaging faxes can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Voicemail Notification: Unlike the old-fashioned voicemail that notifies you of a pending message by either a flashing light on your telephone handset or a stutter tone when you pick your phone, with unified messaging app, you can receive all the voicemail notifications in your email. This makes it accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Direct Access to Voicemail: With the unified messaging app, it’s possible to leave voicemails for your co-workers without essentially ringing your phone. This helps avoid unnecessary interruptions.
  • Route Playback to Phone: Unified messaging enables you to start playback of voicemail messages on your computer, but redirect them to your desktop or mobile phone. This is important when you want to keep your conversations private.

Why Should Consider acquiring a Unified Messaging App?

If you are not yet using a unified messaging app, you should ASAP. This will enable you to enjoy the following benefits:

1. One experience

With the unified messaging app, all your voice, messaging, and meetings needs are handled from one point. All types of messaging and communication are delivered to a single inbox. This makes it easier for you to monitor and maintain your communications.

2. Cross-app connection

It allows you to use one interface to collaborate in real time with anyone using his or her preferred messaging application. It also provides flexibility for you to switch from one communication app to another. In addition, the unified messaging app has the ability to integrate with other UCaaS platforms.

3. Company-wide access

The app allows instant connection for all employees through a direct interface to your global directory

4. Efficient communication

 With the unified messaging app, you can communicate more efficiently by having access to all communications at one time and being free to share, forward, or manage them in the manner that’s most convenient or effective for the given communication.

5. Cost savings

By consolidating the different streamlines of your communications, the unified messaging app allows you to buy fewer physical servers and maintain a lean system administration team, thus saving money for your enterprise.

6. Access from anywhere

Unified messaging offers alternative methods of accessing communications. By integrating e-mail, voice, and other communications, you can get voice messages in e-mail, have e-mail dictated over the phone, or access communications via the desktops and mobile phones.

7. Intuitive interface

Using the machine learning, the unified messaging app enables even the not-so-experienced team members to interact with it.

What types of Unified Messaging Apps are out there?

There is an avalanche of unified messaging apps in the market. This includes:

  • Disa
  • IM+
  • BlackBerry Hub
  • OneApp
  • Snowball
  • 8x8’s Team Messaging app

8x8 Team Messaging is one of the most commonly used unified messaging app. This app is preferred because it’s built for company-wide collaboration – it enables business units, project teams, and internal and external collaborators to share content and communicate as a team. Also, the 8x8 Team Messaging is unique because it keeps conversations organized by topic and workgroup while still supporting open team communication. In addition, the 8x8 Team Messaging also provides for both public and private rooms, permitting content to be shared only with those who need the information. Further, the ability to follow and unfollow content and use @ mentions to limit disruptions from notifications and high volume discussions makes the 8x8 Team Messaging app great.


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