How Does Unified Communications and Collaboration Work?

Unified communications is a great tool for teams that want to collaborate more easily and share information across multiple forms of communication within a single platform. By keeping all of your messages and communications organized, unified communications can help your business keep track of everything happening and become more productive.

In this article, you can read more about what unified communications is and how it can help your company become more productive. Thanks to unified communications technology, collaborating as an organization is easier now than ever.

What Is Unified Communications and Collaboration?

Unified communications software, or UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), manages communications within a single platform. This brings together many different forms of communication such as phone service, text, chat and video conferencing so businesses can keep their communications organized and simplified. This enables greater collaboration among teams and makes it easier to become more productive.

How Does UCaaS Help With Collaboration?

UCaaS provides convenient, affordable and scalable collaboration features for businesses of all sizes. You can share information and messages with coworkers and stay connected on every project. Thanks to instant communications and quick connection, everyone can stay on the same page and ensure they're all looking at the same stuff. UCaaS keeps everything saved, too, so you can refer back to past messages and see everything within a single software platform.

Finding the information you need is much easier with a consistent place to see it all.

What Are Some Features of UCaaS?

UCaaS software platforms can help your business with collaboration through the following features:

  • Text messaging: With a way to instantly text each other, you can reach coworkers and communicate quickly through text while keeping all your messages together.
  • VoIP phone: A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone enables you to call without racking up extensively expensive phone minutes. Thanks to fairly inexpensive VoIP service, you can easily add phone calls to your communications while also keeping expenses low.
  • Chat: Instant chat is a great way to keep the collaboration going.
  • Email: From one platform, you can check your email alongside other communications.
  • Organized messages: Keep everything together so you don't lose messages or forget something. Thanks to a single platform, you can stay organized.
  • Stay mobile: Take work with you and continue calls using different devices. Switch from one to another with ease. Work from home remotely or from the office.
  • Track documents: Share your changes, track requested changes, and edit documents collaboratively so everyone has a chance to contribute to projects.
  • Integrate workflows: Readily integrate your workflows together so you can bring everyone together and manage projects more easily.
  • Store it in the cloud: Hosted storage can keep your information and data accessible to everyone regardless of the devices they use or where they access the system from.
  • Serve customers: Thanks to unified communications, you can offer better customer service and communicate more effectively with your clients. Be accessible from many different forms of communication within one platform so you don't miss what they have to say.
  • Extend travel budgets: With features such as video conferencing, you can extend your travel budget and rely less on expensive international or long-distance travel and communications. Instead, embrace instant and easy-to-access communications from any device and from any location.

Depending on the software platform, UCaaS may have a variety of different features your organization can use to stay productive and improve collaboration.

Getting Started With UCaaS

UCaaS enables your organization to communicate across many different types of communication within a single platform. Organize your messages, simplify workflows and stay in touch with everyone you work with. Thanks to having your messages altogether, avoid losing your messages or missing out on something. Take your work home or on the road when you need to. UCaaS offers rich features and functionality for companies that need more ways to communicate quickly and easily.

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