How Unified Messaging Services (UMS) Can Streamline Communications

If you know anything about running a business successfully, you know that business communication is important to the continued success of your company. Being able to collaborate efficiently is just as important because if you can't get anything done, your business just won't be able to thrive the way it needs to. Unified messaging services (UMS) can help your growing company improve productivity and efficiency by giving your teams the tools they need to collaborate and communicate effectively. So, how can unified messaging services help your company soar to higher heights? Let's take a look.

But first, we'll define what unified messaging services are.

What Is Unified Messaging Services (UMS)?

Unified messaging services (UMS), also called unified messaging system, is the integration and management of email, video, voice, instant messaging, and SMS communication channels that your team can access from an all-in-one communications suite. Unified messaging services are great for small and growing businesses because it allows you to take better control of your overall business communications, gain insights into customer behavior, and keep track of all business interactions.

A unified messaging service (UMS) is convenient for mobile business employees because it gives them access to other employees through a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. So if your team is always on the go, unified messaging might be the solution you need to streamline collaboration and communication efforts. You also have the benefit of selecting the channels your customers most prefer, rather than wasting time on channels that won't benefit you.

Benefits of Unified Messaging Services

Unified messaging services offer a multitude of benefits for users of all kinds, whether it's employees, customers, prospects, or external partners. They can all benefit from what unified messaging has to offer, including:

  • Contact Center Solutions. With some unified messaging service providers, you get contact center solutions that can give you insights into how well you're doing using analytics and reporting features. Other contact center features might include IVR, skills-based routing, quality management, agent console, agent supervisor tools, and an FAQ knowledgebase, among other things.
  • Virtual Meetings. A cloud-based provider can offer the ability to host virtual meetings as an added bonus so that you can "meet" with employees from anywhere on any device. You can also choose to record your meetings for future reference or to send out to employees, as well as add co-hosts to meetings. Private and team chat options are also available.
  • Video Conferencing. If you need to collaborate frequently with teams across the country, or even the world, video conferencing can help you do it. And you can share your screen with up to 100 users.
  • Mobile Apps. Now more mobile employees (like work from home staff) can use smartphone apps whenever they're on-the-go because unified messaging services now provide mobile versions of their software programs.
  • Visual Voicemail. Visual voicemail is a great feature for when you want a text-based transcript of a saved voicemail. It can help you become and stay organized when it comes to customer and other interactions.
  • CRM Integration. Have a CRM you're already using? Integrate it with your unified messaging services software to access all of your favorite features right from your browser.

Unified messaging services allow your company to truly flourish because it provides small and growing businesses with the resources they need to truly compete and the confidence to match. Not to mention, you get an enhanced business phone system that's usually cheaper than a traditional landline phone system.

Unified messaging services (UMS) can give companies the tools they need to compete in an increasingly communications-driven world. Because business interactions have become so personalized, it's important that you consider the tools you'll need to communicate and collaborate with your target customers and prospects, as well as teams both inside and outside of the company. Connecting with teams across the world has never been easier and with the right provider, you can ensure you get the best possible service.

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