How Unified Communications Generates ROI for Your Business

Efficiency and ROI go hand-in-hand. The more efficient your organization is, the more work that gets done, and the bigger your return on investment. Employing a Unified Communication strategy across your business units can increase that efficiency while decreasing frustrations among your staff.

What Is Unified Communications?

Unified communications bring together all of your communications into a single, powerful suite of tools. Whether you need business phone services, collaboration and virtual meetings, and/or enterprise-ready contact center solutions, all of these can be integrated into a single unified communications suite.

Unified communications empower everyone in your business by giving them access to the same tools regardless of where they are or how they connect. The right UC system can support remote, mobile, and home-based workers and connect with customers at any time in their preferred method.

Unified Communications ROI: Lower Cost Of Ownership

What is the return on investment for unified communications software? For one thing, you can eliminate the high operating costs and capital expenses of old technology. No more leased telephone lines or long waits to make changes to your system based on when the phone company can come to your location.

One vendor and one low monthly bill allow you to control costs. Using a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) managed service, you can eliminate long-distance fees, monthly phone company access fees, and most international calling fees.

This handy ROI calculator can help you estimate how much money you will save by implementing a unified communications strategy to your business.

Why Is Unified Communications Important?

In a typical business, employees spend more than two-thirds of their workday communicating and/or collaborating with colleagues or customers. Because of a mix of incompatible tools and systems, nearly 15 percent of their work time is lost due to inefficient systems. Conflicting and incompatible applications, silos, and lack of integrated systems cause teams and teamwork to break down.

Many companies still rely primarily on email for communications. This means waiting for a reply before being able to complete tasks. Yet, workers will chat, voice call, and text their friends and family and get instant answers. Too many businesses still do not deploy these common tools that increase efficiency.

At the same time, your customers, patients, or constituents are likely using these same tools (or trying to use these same tools) to communicate with you. Are you capable of communicating with everyone in an omnichannel world? Do your systems integrate with internal software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, and other legacy systems to provide a smooth and efficient experience? If not, a unified communication strategy can help improve your efficiency.

Improve Employee Retention Rates

Employee turnover is an issue in nearly every business. In today’s tight labour market, the cost of recruiting and training workers while managing the daily business can eat into profit margins. When staffing is less than optimum, other workers can be frustrated which can lead to even more turnover.

In fact, for many workers who are forced to work with outdated technology, it can be nearly impossible to truly find job satisfaction, causing many to leave their jobs prematurely.

This outdated technology can include outdated devices, lack of collaboration tools, or inability to adapt to integrated technologies.

Unified communication systems can enhance your organization by providing the latest tools, including:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Team Messaging
  • Video & Audio Conferencing for up to 100 Participants
  • Call Recording
  • Personal Call Analytics
  • Integrations (SFDC, Zendesk, NetSuite, Dynamics)
  • Supervisor Analytics
  • Call Quality Reporting
  • Operator Switchboard
  • Granular Search Analytics
  • Graphical Call Display
  • Post Call Surveys
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Multi-channel Contact Center
  • Quality Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Predictive (or Progressive) Outbound Dialer
  • @ Mentions for Real Time Agent Feedback
  • Unified Communications Is the Key

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