The Pros and Cons of Unified Communications

Before you implement a Unified Communications strategy in your organization, you should understand the pros and cons of Unified Communications. Here is the unvarnished truth about UC and the impact it can have in your business.

Unified Communications: The Positives

There are many positive aspects of equipping your operation with a Unified Communications strategy. Increased efficiency, a lower total cost of ownership, improve collaboration and innovation, and integration are just a few.

Increasing Productivity

Besides cost-savings, this is the biggest advantage of deploying a robust UC solution. By bringing all of your critical business information into a single tool that is accessible by your team wherever they are, you can cut down on the time to respond to inquiries.

Increasing Response Times

The amount of time lost in “wait time” between email and other communication methods in most business is staggering. While employees wait for a response from team members, work goes unaddressed and frustrations can increase. Faster communications across various channels can make for faster solutions.

Dealing With An Increasingly Mobile Workforce

In today’s business climate, workers aren’t just sitting at their desk at home base all day. Many workers are on the road, working remotely, at different locations, or even home-based. A Unified Communications system connects all of them regardless of where they are.

Additional Functionality

Tools they haven’t existed in legacy systems are opening new pathways to profit centers and increased efficiencies.

Tools such as presence awareness, mobile apps, visual voicemail, auto attendants, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), predictive dialers, speech analytics, call routing, and quality management are just a small sampling of functions you can add to your organization.

Improved Collaboration And Innovation

Because instantly bringing in resources and team members wherever they are is so easy, employees are more readily available to interface with their co-workers, vendors, and client. The ease of working together and exchanging information facilitates better communication and innovation.

Cost Savings

Using a single, cloud-based management dashboard to control various communication channels and network reduces the dependence on dedicated IT teams and support. In addition, reducing your reliance on local phone carriers and their leased lines using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution can dramatically cut telephone costs.

Moving to VoIP can eliminate leased lines, long-distance charges, and most international calling fees. VoIP Client apps can be added to existing computers, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices to connect them into a single system and allow for free calling whenever they are connected to the internet.

Integrated Systems

The right UC system will integrate with your core business functions. CRM software such as ZenDesk, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce should integrate easily.

Unified Communications: The Negatives

There are a few drawbacks to implementing Unified Communications across your organization that you should research before choosing a UC provider.

Upfront Costs

While the total cost of ownership is significantly lower than legacy systems built on traditional phone carrier services, there is an upfront cost of deployment. Choosing a managed, cloud-based Unified Communications system may cut down your hardware, server, and maintenance costs.


Not all Unified Communications systems will integrate with your legacy systems or the software you need to operate your business. That’s why it’s important to choose the right UC provider.

In addition, not all of your existing hardware may work. While you can ATA adapters to your existing analog phone sets, or add VoIP client apps to your existing computers, not everything may integrate.


Any new technology you implement will mean training for your employees. Unified Communications represents a new way of doing business and some employees may be resistant to change.

It’s All About Connections

Connecting business phone services, collaboration tools, virtual meetings, and enterprise-ready contact center solutions, you can dramatically increase your productivity.

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