Unified Communications Phone System

Most companies rely on legacy phone systems. These communication workhorses have been the backbone of enterprise communications for the last century. The internet and cloud applications have given rise to unified communications phone systems. These systems are the next evolution of phone networks and provide greater convenience, accessibility, and security. Unified communications phone systems are often a key feature of Unified Communications as a Service solutions.

What Is Unified Communications As A Service?

Unified Communications as a Service, or "UCaaS", is a cloud-based enterprise communications platform. UCaaS provides enterprise-wide messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration tools that employees can access with a variety of devices. These solutions can be scaled to accommodate organizations of any size or those with seasonal hiring needs. UCaaS lowers enterprise IT and communications costs by moving that internal infrastructure to the cloud.

How Can UCaaS Be Used As A Phone System?

Office phones have historically relied on traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines. Desk phones were connected to regional or national PSTN's, which also supported wireless devices. Cloud-based communications provide a new method for companies to communicate internally and externally. UCaaS solutions move PSTN infrastructure to the cloud, which offers a number of benefits. Phone calls made using UCaaS are routed through an internet service provider (ISP) and managed through a cloud platform.

What's The Difference Between UCaaS And VOIP?

UCaaS is similar to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) in a number of ways. Both solutions allow companies to bypass PSTN's and avoid having to pay the cost of each additional phone extension. VOIP does allow companies to make phone calls via the internet but that does not necessarily mean a VOIP solution is cloud-based. The key difference is that UCaaS also incorporates a variety of other communications solutions aside from voice. UCaaS solutions include messaging, video, and a number of other additional communication channels. Those solutions are all hosted in the cloud with a single interface, allowing employees to seamlessly move from voice to video, messaging, or custom collaboration tools.

Critical Features For A UCaaS Phone System

There are several key UCaaS features that lend themselves to phone systems. In many ways, these features make UCaaS superior to traditional PTSN's.

  • Cloud infrastructure. UCaaS solutions centralize all communications infrastructure in the cloud. This provides employees with a centralized interface for all communication options. Rather than use a physical desk phone, employees can dial within the interface and place a call. Contact lists can be saved in the cloud for easy reference and call logs or other information can be recorded as well.
  • Access from any device. Using a cloud-based solution like UCaaS eliminates the need for an actual phone. UCaaS allows employees to connect to the cloud and make calls with a variety of devices. For example, an employee in the field could place a call with a laptop or any smart device. This provides the perfect balance between mobility and connectivity. Employees are untethered from their desks but have a wealth of options to remain in contact.
  • Greater security. Cloud-based systems are more secure that any IT equivalents. All functions are password protected and administrators can create security "tiers" to give employees access to the communication systems the need. Since UCaaS is based in the cloud, all UCaaS files are backed up in the event that any one computer is corrupted. It is still important for employees to protect their passwords and login credentials but that is true for any computer system.

UCaaS Phone Benefits

UCaaS phone systems are more convenient, more accessible, and more secure. An employee can dial a call from a laptop or smart device as easily as picking up a phone. UCaaS solutions package voice service with a variety of other features. Employees can easily jump from a voice call to a video conference and then text notes to a teammate. All of those communications streams happen within a single interface, from a single device. That means more collaboration and brainstorming instead of trying to remember an extension number.

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