How do Unified Communications Integrators Work?

Unified communications systems can work together with other software, or software integrations, enabling companies to customize their own communications systems to meet diverse business needs. Even if a particular solution doesn't currently exist, the great thing about integrators is you can often build your own or contract-out the build and find the solution you're looking for to use with your new business phone system.

In this article, you can read more about how unified communications integrators work and how your business can take advantage of them for the benefit of your organization.

What are Unified Communications Integrators?

Unified communications integrators are systems and software programs designed to integrate, or cooperate with, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) systems. Companies investing in UCaaS can also use these systems and get more value out of their UCaaS investment. UCaaS systems are very flexible and adaptable, and integrators allow you to customize your organization's communications system.

While planning the implementation of a new UCaaS or considering adjustments to an existing system, you can also consider a variety of integrations. You can take software you'll already using outside of your UCaaS, for instance, and see if there's an integration with your UCaaS system that can be readily installed.

Generally, there are two types of software integrations:

  • Off-the-shelf: These software systems are already compatible with your UCaaS and don't need much customization. You can install or link your service account with your UCaaS and begin using it quickly. This is particularly true for commonly-used software that many companies like to combine with UCaaS. For instance, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Popular CRM solutions may pair directly with your UCaaS.
  • Custom: For a situation where you have a unique business need not being met by the marketplace already, you may want to consider a custom solution. Customized integrations generally need some development support from the UCaaS vendor to ensure that the software is fully functional---they may do the development or your own in-house developers may work with their team.

Typically, off-the-shelf solutions are more affordable and may have fewer challenges to work through. That said, they're not custom-built for your business and may be a poorer fit. Customized integrations can take more work to design and deploy but deliver a closer alignment with your business needs.

How Do Unified Communications Integrators Work?

Communications integrators are simply installed or linked to your main communications system if they've already been designed. If they don't exist yet, you can design your integrations in-house or with support from your UCaaS vendor's development team. You may need to do some monitoring and tweaking to ensure that the software is fully compatible and does everything you need it to do.

What Software can You Integrate with UCaaS?

There are a variety of different software systems you can integrate with UCaaS. Here's just a few:

  • CRM: Since communications with customers is such an essential part of many businesses, it makes sense to have CRM solutions that can quickly be accessed by contact center agents from within a UCaaS.
  • Email marketing: In some cases, you may need email marketing software that connects with your UCaaS.

Specialty industry software: Each industry has their own needs, and UCaaS can often interface with these specialty software systems. For instance, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for the healthcare industry.

Email providers: Common email providers such as Outlook and Gmail are also popular integrations with UCaaS.

Of course, there can be other integrations, too. Just as many integrations exist as there are types of software. If your business needs it, it's very possible to build it.

Getting Started with Unified Communications Integrators

UCaaS software can integrate with a variety of different types of software systems. This can help your business gain more value out of a communications system. Integrators can be off-the-shelf or custom-built to meet the needs of your business. If you're looking for a particular integration, talk with your VoIP vendor about making it happen.

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