How Exchange Unified Messaging Can Enhance Business Communications

Managing business communications has become a lot easier in the last decade with the invention of innovative technology like unified messaging solutions. Unified messaging helps teams collaborate with those both inside and outside of the company no matter where they are or what messaging application they're using.

With features like file sharing, video conferencing, and automatic availability, you can get started quickly and benefit from a team messaging application that suits the needs of your growing company and make collaboration quicker and more efficient.

And with exchange unified messaging configured to a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform, you'll benefit from even more features. Below we'll see just how unified messaging works, but first, we'll discuss just what unified and exchange unified messaging means and how they can benefit your communications and collaboration efforts.

What Is Exchange Unified Messaging?

Exchange unified messaging is an IVR application that provides speech recognition and text-to-speech technology. IVR stands for interactive voice response and it's an automated telephony system that gives a computer the ability to interact with callers and gather information to route calls to the right place.

An IVR system receives a combination of touch-tone keypad selections and voice telephone input and then delivers the best response by way of voice, email, fax, and other communication methods.

Unified messaging allows users to enjoy voicemail and other features by combining email messaging and voice messaging into a single mailbox that can be accessed from nearly any device. Unified messaging integrated with third-party messaging apps allow you to notify users instantly so that they never miss a new message.

Other features might include mobile apps, presence awareness, visual voicemail, and omni-channel contact center solutions (which allows you to communicate with customers and external partners via multiple communication modes - like live chat, email, social media, phone, etc.). You can also keep track of customer interactions far more easily. 

Benefits of Exchange Unified Messaging

Exchange unified messaging has plenty of benefits for modern business communications, like incoming fax support, voicemail system consolidation, an Exchange security model, and user configuration. Other benefits include:

  • Voicemail Preview. The voicemail preview feature utilizes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on incoming voicemail messages and allows users to get a text transcript of the voicemail recording, which they can access via email.
  • Auto Attendant. The auto attendant feature is a set of voice prompts that give internal and external users access to the voicemail system. It allows the administrator to define holiday schedules, create customized menus for outside users, describe how to search, determine informational greetings, and describe how to connect to a given extension, among other things.
  • Call Answering. This feature allows your system to answer calls when your agents are unavailable by playing a pre-recorded company greeting.
  • Administrative Features. With Exchange Unified Messaging, you get helpful administrative features like the ability to build reliable Unified Messaging infrastructures, consolidation of voicemail systems, and more.
  • Mobile Apps. With the mobile app software, your employees can make and receive calls right from their smartphones, and access a host of similar features.

How Does Exchange Unified Messaging Work With UCaaS?

Exchange unified messaging can be delivered through a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution with Virtual Office software. This kind of software allows for easier collaboration and powerful messaging. With a UCaaS solution with Virtual Office software, you can join or start a meeting during a conversation, upload files quickly, send cross-team messages (improving efficiency), and share pretty much anything across any messaging platform with those both inside and outside of your organization.

With the above in mind, you can begin to consider how exchange unified messaging through a UCaaS solution can benefit your overall business communications. With the right provider, you can expect an exceptional all-in-one communications suite that helps you deliver a high-quality user and customer experience. So if you're looking for a cheaper, easy-to-implement solution to enhanced business communications, consider exchange unified messaging for a seamless customer and user experience and better overall communications and collaboration.

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