The Virtues of Virtual Numbers

A Virtual Number is a secondary phone number that when called, rings to a selected 8x8 extension, ring group, call queue or auto attendant. It’s not attached to a physical phone or device. It points to the extension or destination you want it to ring to. Most 8x8 customers have at least one Virtual Number. It’s their main company number and they usually point it to their auto attendant. But Virtual Numbers have other uses.

  • Save your customers money: Get a Virtual Number with an area code where you have a lot of customers. When these customers call you on that number, it will be a local call for them.
  • Act local even if you’re not: Want to develop business in a certain area but don’t have an office there? A local phone number can help you give your company that familiar local feel.
  • Track campaigns: If you want to find out if a certain marketing campaign is successful, get a virtual number and use it only for that campaign. Then monitor the call logs for that number to see how many calls that campaign generated.

Here’s an example. Suppose you are a snow ski manufacturer based in Alabama while your biggest customers are located in Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, and St. Cloud, MN. All you pay is a small monthly fee for three different virtual phone numbers, each with the area code of the three different hubs of your business activity. Now, your customers never have to dial long distance to place an order. What’s more, they might even think your office is right next door! And don’t forget to run a call log report to find out where most of your calls are coming from so you’ll know where most of the activity is coming from.

8x8 offers Virtual Numbers for most area codes in the US and even some international numbers.

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