When customers unexpectedly flood contact centres, are water providers prepared?

Floods, drought, pollution… customers have had to cope with it all over the years.  Take a look at our infographic that charts some of these key moments.

Change is coming

Businesses already have a wide selection of suppliers when it comes to utility services and now a new law, set to take effect in April has been passed. This new law will allow most businesses and organisations in England to be able to choose which company will supply their retail water services.

Businesses have not been able to choose their water retail services since the Water Act of 1989 which saw the privatisation process of the water industry throughout England and Wales. However this new law means the water service industry will need to put a greater emphasis on customer experience, just as any other business would.

If your business is eligible your choice of retail water services will no longer be limited by location. Businesses will have the option to choose to have one retailer for water supply and maybe even another for wastewater services, or both if they want.

Competition and competitors

As customers we all have a wide and varied choice when it comes to choosing where we purchase our goods and who we get our services from. This new law that has been passed is a prime example of how businesses should, and still need to strive to put a bigger emphasis on customers and their experience.

All businesses, organisations and companies need to ensure that the first impression they have with new customers counts more than ever because there is so much competition. There are so many different elements that need to work together to set your business apart from all the rest. However you need to keep in mind that the emphasis should be on your customers and how you interact and communicate with them. This applies to both new and existing customers. In some instances improvements could be anything from providing customers with a better service to even investing in new software, so you are able to maintain open lines of communication with them.

Cloud contact centres and customers

The cloud really does work wonders for the work environment because you can access anything, anywhere. When you apply that to a contact centre, giving it the ability to have open lines of dialogue with customers, you can really start to elevate your business and set it apart. Our contact centre solutions can help you create the best customer experiences. They are easy to scale – so your contact centre can grow at the same rate as your business.

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