Acco Brands streamlines customer experience with 8x8 Solutions

London – Jun 22, 2015

ACCO Brands, one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products, has streamlined its contact centre system by replacing the on premise PBX with 8x8 Solutions’ cloud-based unified communications platform.

Reporting was a key driver in choosing a new system. Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, but with offices in cities all over Europe with separate systems, ACCO Brands was struggling to unite all its customer experience data. With the previous on premise solution, it was impossible to measure calls that were coming in and why customers were calling. Using 8x8’s Virtual Contact Centre, the company now has the ability to track inbound calls to build a deeper understanding of its customer base, and ultimately deliver even better service.

This additional level of analysis has also allowed the customer service team to become more efficient. The team is able to see the volume of calls coming in at different times and plan capacity accordingly, managing the workload between different agents where possible. This scalable solution means customers always have access to an agent when they need to speak to someone. With the new system, agents will also be able to work remotely from home, meaning that even if the office is inaccessible, it’s business as usual for ACCO Brands’ customers.

With agents and offices based across the world, this continuity of service is key. Because everyone is using the same Virtual Contact Centre system, it’s easy to instantly direct customers to the most appropriate office with the best capacity. In future, ACCO Brands will also direct customers to agents they’ve spoken to before, to streamline their journey through the system and ensure their query is resolved as quickly as possible.

Sam Ludlow, European Customer Services Director at ACCO Brands said; “The benefits of moving our contact centre to a cloud-based system like 8x8 Solutions were huge. The whole system was installed within days and switched across overnight, meaning no downtime in our service – which was key for us. Our customers may have seen no difference in the way they reach us, but at the back-end, it’s a much slicker operation that will give our customers a much better experience. The account team at 8x8 Solutions were with us every step of the way and it’s reassuring to know that we have the support if something ever goes wrong.”

Kevin Scott-Cowell, CEO of 8x8 Solutions, said; “It’s fantastic to be working with a global brand like ACCO Brands. We know that customer insight is a key tool for businesses to improve their customer experience. A business like ACCO Brands prides itself on service, and we look forward to supporting them. By integrating the key reporting tools from 8x8 Solutions, we hope ACCO Brands will glean valuable insights to improve the customer experience even further.”

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