8x8 Partners with Teleopti to Deliver First, 100% Cloud-Based Virtual Contact Centre and Integrated Workforce Management Solution

8x8 a provider of cloud-based unified communications, contact centre and collaboration solutions, today announced it has partnered with Teleopti, the global leader in Workforce Management (WFM) software for contact centres, to deliver the first 100% cloud-based, best of breed Virtual Contact Centre and Workforce Management solution.

8x8 and Teleopti have tightly integrated their solutions to provide a new service that uses 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre’s call history data to drive Teleopti’s staffing models, enabling call centres to quickly design a schedule that optimises their staffing resources. Once the system is in use, up to the minute statistics from 8x8 are fed to Teleopti, giving contact managers unprecedented flexibility to ensure they are running at top efficiency. This integration can even be extended directly into payroll systems to further reduce the labour required to manage contact centre staffing.

“The Virtual Contact Centre/Teleopti solution is a ground breaking integration purpose built to take full advantage of the cloud to help call centres deliver a new level of service to their customers in a very efficient and expedient manner,” said 8x8 Sr. Vice President of Business Development Huw Rees. “8x8 and Teleopti did all of the heavy lifting up front so that customers could quickly realise the value of this powerful, turnkey contact centre solution.”

The Teleopti WFM solution drives improvements in customer service, employee satisfaction and operational excellence through forecasting, scheduling, preference and request handling, communication, intraday management, reporting and performance management. The new bundled Virtual Contact Centre/Teleopti WFM solution offers extensive, out of the box capabilities that enable call centres to immediately begin improving performance, reducing cost and increasing profitability.

“By partnering with 8x8 to provide a full cloud-based experience, we are able to empower the contact centre or line of business manager to fully control all aspects of the customer experience without a dependency on IT,” said David Påhlman, President of Teleopti, Inc. “This gives companies the flexibility to enhance customer relationships while significantly reducing costs.”

With the 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre and Teleopti solution, all of the data integration is fully defined and pre-configured out of the box, providing the following benefits:

Fast and easy deployment. Since data synchronisation has already been done, it’s fast and easy to use 8x8’s call history data to drive the Teleopti staffing model. Systems are typically deployed within three weeks.

Build a quality staffing model. Because 8x8’s contact history is used to build the staffing model, Teleopti can develop a staffing model that understands reality to maximise its value.

Better service, significant savings. With Teleopti WFM capabilities, call centres can reduce staffing costs, up to 30%, while ensuring that they are at fullest capacity at the busiest times. With 8x8’s Virtual Contact Centre, each customer interaction is more efficient, significantly reducing staffing demands.

Manage interactions across all channels. Other integrations between Workforce Management and Contact Centre systems can only manage phone interactions.

Give agents more control over their schedules. Teleopti’s scheduling tools allow agents to trade and manage shifts using self-service applications; supervisors can focus on more critical matters.

Integrate with payroll systems to fully automate paycheck processing. Teleopti provides integrations to ADP and other payroll systems to enable a fully automated payroll process based on agent status information in 8x8’s Virtual Contact Centre.

The Teleopti WFM solution is offered as an add-on subscription to 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre at two levels: a base subscription which covers demand forecasting and scheduling of contact centre staff and an advanced subscription that adds Real-Time Adherence to the base feature set. The advanced Real-Time Adherence (RTA) feature provides live visibility to agents being on the job as scheduled or not. The RTA feature in conjunction with automated break scheduling contributes significantly to meeting target service levels with the optimum amount of staff.

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre solution allows organisations to quickly take advantage of best of breed technology without deploying complicated, expensive on premise hardware and software that requires significant IT support. Virtual Contact Centre is highly reliable and secure, offering compliance with many data security standards including FISMA, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, DSS and CPNI. 8x8’s unique redundant platform architecture allows for media servers to be hosted in different regions around the world to give every caller a regional telephone connection while providing centralised access to the system for a single point of reporting, management and control for all customer interactions.

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre with Teleopti Workforce Management solution is available today. More information about the product offering is available at +44 (0) 207 096 6000 or by visiting 8x8.com/CallCentre/Features/Teleopti.aspx.

About Teleopti

Teleopti, a top-five global WFM vendor operating in 70+ countries, is used by many Fortune 500 companies and offers the industry’s most flexible, adaptable, sophisticated and easy to use WFM solution available today. We help our highly satisfied customers automate and optimize their scheduling to save costs and improve customer service. For more information, please visit www.teleopti.com or connect with Teleopti on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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