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Swale Heating switches to cloud communications solution to better accommodate and manage seasonal workload spikes and customer needs.

London – 2nd February 2016 – 8x8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT), a leading provider of cloud based unified communications and contact centre solutions, today announced that it is working with Swale Heating, a leading UK-based heating supplier. Swale Heating has boosted customer satisfaction and improved productivity by replacing its in-house PBX system with 8x8’s innovative Enterprise Communications as-a-Service solutions (ECaaS), including Virtual Office (VO), Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) and EasyContactNow (ECN).

With Swale Heating’s contact centre receiving more than 10,000 calls per week, the company needed a more robust system that would allow customers to efficiently reach a service agent, particularly during their busiest periods. Swale Heating’s previous phone system had a 30 line capacity for the entire call centre, which consistently kept customers on hold for long periods of time.

With 8x8’s solution, Swale Heating can now handle calls across the business with 80 Virtual Contact Centre agent seats, capturing data seamlessly into their workforce management suite. Audio and video conferencing is available for up to 160 people with 8x8 Virtual Office, which can be used on any device, anywhere.

Jamie Monk, Contact Centre Operations Manager at Swale Heating, said: “Introducing 8x8’s ECaaS solution was an obvious choice for us. We needed something that would work across the entirety of the business, was seamless to deploy and most importantly would boost the user experience for our customers – 8x8 gave us all three. The price point made the decision even easier for us and we’re expecting to see our costs cut by a third, a great reduction for any business. Now that we have the technology in place, I’m excited to see the positive feedback from our customers and employees.”

Increased Flexibility & Customer Satisfaction

8x8’s Virtual Contact Centre allows Swale Heating to handle a much larger number of calls to meet demand with 80 seats available for agents, as well as ensuring that calls are routed to the right agent that can best assist a customer. With VCC, Swale Heating can now offer customers the option to receive a call back before any wait time, a new feature that is becoming extremely popular.

As a fast growing company in a seasonal industry, Swale Heating now has much more flexibility with VCC, with the ability to easily add seats in winter and remove them in summer. With the ability to track and monitor inbound calls, VCC allows the customer service team to become much more efficient by planning capacity according to the volume of incoming calls throughout the year.

8x8 was also able to easily integrate VCC with the incumbent cloud workforce management suite, injixo, to retrieve historical call records and agent status data. This integration ensured that Swale Heating could automatically capture data for forecasting and drive agent adherence, thus maximising efficiency and enabling improved customer experience.

Customer communication has also been enhanced following the introduction of ECN. Through ECN, Swale Heating can run relevant campaigns to further communicate with customers, using the dialler capability to deliver marketing resources effectively. The system also allows the company to share emails and critical customer information between agents, providing quicker call resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

In addition, 8x8’s VO offers Swale Heating employees increased flexibility and business productivity. The full business phone service features in-built audio and video conferencing and IM/presence capabilities for 160 seats. With advanced call forwarding, calls are transferred to alternate numbers or devices, such as a mobile, tablet or home phone, bringing communications in line with their modern approach to service delivery. As the company has a large number of remote employees, this system allows them the flexibility to easily work from anywhere and be available as needed.

Kevin Scott-Cowell, UK MD of 8x8, said: “We’re very pleased to be supporting Swale Heating as they look to boost customer satisfaction, as well as offer more flexibility for their staff. By introducing both Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Centre into their business, Swale Heating will greatly improve and streamline the communications experience for both employees and customers, as their business grows.”



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