Top Recruiting Tools Start With Communication

Businesses of all sizes can gain a competitive edge by improving how their employees communicate, collaborate and manage tasks. When employees miss calls, the time required to answer a customer questions drags out, which increases the cost of doing business. Lost sales, upset customers and inefficient work practices can result from poor communication management.

While new technologies are enabling better forms of communication in ways that can benefit all departments, human resources stand to gain the most. No matter the size of your organization, HR and recruitment activities lean heavily on communication. Between placing and receiving candidate phone calls and managing the interview process, company HR departments can become overwhelmed and inefficient without the right recruiting tools. 

VoIP helps businesses manage communications

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is the simplest level, telephone calls routed over a network rather than analog phone lines or cellular networks. Beyond the basic ability to make and receive voice calls, VoIP offers much more in the way of providing unified communications. With many solutions for differing needs, VoIP systems can manage calls, accommodate remote workers, and ensure team reachability at crucial moments.

Recruitment Tools

Because of the potentially high volume of communications in the recruitment process, it is standard practice for HR departments to use various technological tools for managing their operations. A large enterprise may use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which function like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. An ATS is highly effective in maintaining a single point of information on job candidates and the application review process. 

Additional recruitment tools include data analytics and collaboration platforms such as Slack, GSuite and Microsoft Outlook 365. Like any technology tool, these systems are only useful if appropriately implemented for your business. The HR department of the future will leverage these tools to help retain better employees and to increase the efficiency of their hiring process.

VoIP as Recruitment Tool Foundation

With the right tools, organizations that increase efficiencies in areas such as fielding candidate calls and coordinating selection processes. VoIP is the foundational technology for a host of communication methods that can speed up recruitment while ensuring that the best candidates are selected and retained. Conference calls, including video conferencing, can help assemble a recruitment team, no matter where the individual team members work. Initial video call interviews are a growing trend as well. Companies and candidates can jump right from initial interest to see if there is a mutually good fit.

When VoIP integrates with ATS and CRM, businesses can avoid duplicate questions and overall remain more fully informed about a candidate’s strengths and background without having to thumb through paper resumes hastily.  

Business Communication Solutions for Recruitment

The agile unified communications solutions that are available from 8x8 help fuel efficient recruitment practices. Businesses need to streamline their communications to avoid wasted efforts, but they also must embrace new work practices that can stress old systems. Mobility and remote work are two drastically new ways of doing business. Virtual office systems, such as the 8x8’s Call Center and Distributed Workforce solutions help structure interviews and meetings about job candidates right away, without the need to find times when key players are all physically present. These recruiting tools speed up timeframes, allowing more meaningful discussion and deliberation, and less schedule juggling.

The sheer potential volume of calls that can bombard an HR department significantly reduces productive time.  Calls out to candidates for interview scheduling and other stages of the application process are other sources of inefficiency. With VoIP at the center of communications infrastructure, scheduling and tracking calls, ensuring availability for when calls arrive, managing applicant data and enabling innovative interview processes are all easy.

Looking to the Future of Recruitment Tools

What future changes in HR departments and the job application process will occur? Some employers have already embraced mobile apps and other game-like interfaces for job applicants. Will Big Data trends lead to machine learning and artificial intelligence having seats at the interview table? No one knows the future for sure, but VoIP systems already have the capability to managed and bolster these innovations. 

At 8x8, we've been employing cloud technologies and CRM integration as recruiting tools for HR departments to improve their operations for years. More than a way to make a phone call, VoIP revolutionizes communication as one central information hub. If you are looking for ways to make the recruitment process work for your organization, rather than be a burdensome process full of inefficiencies, contact one of our VoIP experts today. We'll identify and structure a solution that will connect you with the communication tools necessary for today and the future.

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