Notice Concerning Emergency Calling via 8x8 Virtual Office And Virtual Contact Centre Services Provided to Customer Locations in the United Kingdom or Europe

(Last updated on Oct 22, 2018)

This notice applies to 8x8 Virtual Office and 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre services ordered by the relevant 8x8 customer (“Customer”) and provided to a location of Customer (as identified by a physical address specified in Customer’s agreement) in the United Kingdom (the “UK”) or Europe (the “In-Scope Services”).

The common emergency access number in the UK (in addition to 999) and Europe is 112 (together the, “Emergency Numbers”). Emergency Numbers can be accessed, free of charge, if the In-Scope Services are fully operational and accessed from within the relevant country.  Customer acknowledges that the following limitations/requirements may apply:  

  • If Customer uses the In-Scope Services outside the country where those part(s) of the In-Scope Services have been expressly provisioned by 8x8 to be used (Customer’s “Service Location”), Customer will not be able to call the Emergency Numbers in such Service Location, or such calls may be routed to an incorrect answering point.
  • Any outage (including without limitation an electrical or broadband service outage) of or affecting the In-Scope Services may prevent access to Emergency Number dialing/calling.
  • Customer’s failure to maintain accurate and current account, agent/user, and/or registration information may prevent emergency operators/authorities from identifying the calling party’s location and/or phone number. Only location information of Customer’s primary office as notified to 8x8 (and not extension information) will be provided to emergency services.
  • When Customer dials an Emergency Number, it must promptly and clearly state its location and phone number, as emergency operators and authorities may not have this information. The operator may ask for specific information to correctly transfer the call to a local emergency services department such as police, fire brigade, rescue, coastguard, etc.
  • Emergency operators/authorities may be unable to identify Customer’s phone number in order to call back if the call is unable to be completed or is dropped or disconnected, Customer is unable to communicate its phone number, or the In-Scope Services are not operational for any reason. Emergency operators and authorities may also be unable to hold the line open in the event the calling party hangs up.