8x8 ContactNow Usage

(Last updated on October 16, 2019)

Type of Usage Applicable Rate(s)
Inbound or outbound calls $0.02 / 2p per minute for 8x8 Editions X8e or 8x8 X Series X8; $0.03 / 3p per minute for 8x8 Editions X8 or 8x8 X Series X5*†‡
DID/DDI provisioning (incurred when customer adds a new DID/DDI number to its account) The rate agreed to at time of order

* Each leg of a call using CN Services (however created) is charged independently. For example and without limiting the foregoing, if such a call is transferred from an Agent to another party (including without limitation another Agent), an additional call leg is created and per-minute charges are applied to the entire duration of each call leg. Utilization of the “Agent on Demand” feature of CN Services in lieu of maintaining an open channel may result in the placement of additional calls to which the applicable per-minute charges and rates will apply.

† Such charges will not begin to be incurred until any minute allowances (as set forth in the applicable Order) or minute bundles ordered by Customer that apply to such usage have been exhausted.

‡ The duration of such calls is to be calculated based on data recorded or logged by 8x8 or its Affiliate, in one-second increments and rounded up to the nearest one-second increment for any fraction of seconds used. If the computed charge for such a call includes a fraction of a single unit of the smallest denomination of currency, then such fraction shall be rounded up to the nearest whole unit of the smallest denomination of the applicable currency. Charges may be incurred for outbound calls regardless of whether the party on the other line answers the call.