Terms and Conditions > Annex 2 Service-Specific Terms


[Updated December 2, 2016]

This Annex sets forth additional terms and conditions that apply to specific Services. This Annex is part of the 8x8 Business Terms and Conditions.

  1. TEXTING. The Text Message Services support transmission of Text Messages from a single device to another single device, and do not support group messaging. In the event that a transmitted Text Message is destined for an address connected to a third-party network and that network is unreachable at the time delivery is attempted, the Text Message will be stored and queued for future delivery attempts (which will be performed with a reasonable number of attempts). 8x8 has designed its Services with the intent of minimizing lost data from the bodies of Text Messages but cannot guarantee no loss of data. 8x8 reserves the right to (a) implement procedures that segment, truncate, or otherwise reduce the length of any Text Message or (b) refuse to transmit and/or deliver a Text Message that does not comply with 8x8 or any third-party network operator’s policies or conditions. Text Messages addressed to destinations outside of the United States and Canada may not be supported.
  2. MOBILE. Calls or texts made using an 8x8 mobile application (“Mobile Services“) may use the cellular and/or data network of an Agent’s existing mobile service provider and will be subject to the air time, toll charges, roaming fees and data usage fees of such provider, as well as any mobile network limitations. In addition, 8x8’s mobile voice recording service requires Customer’s mobile handset to make a separate call to access the recording service, which may be chargeable by the Agent’s mobile service provider. Customer acknowledges and understands that emergency service calls placed using Mobile Services may be routed by the Agent’s existing mobile provider.
  3. INTERNET FAX. IP-based faxing has inherent limitations and is generally subject to higher rates of failure and data loss than analog-based facsimiles. 8x8 cannot guarantee that facsimiles sent on the 8x8 Platform will be delivered successfully or without loss of data. If Customer’s business involves the regular faxing of large, multi-page documents, 8x8 recommends that Customer maintain an analog line and a traditional fax machine for reliable and consistent performance.
  4. QUALITY MANAGEMENT. 8x8’s Quality Management service helps managers and supervisors to monitor and review agent interactions with customers and other parties for quality management purposes. Managers, supervisors and other users of 8x8’s Quality Management service may be able to view the computer desktop activity of the Agents they are monitoring (including, for example, internet browsing and use of other applications that are not part of the 8x8 Platform). Applicable privacy and/or employment Laws in some jurisdictions may prohibit or otherwise restrict such monitoring (for example, by requiring advance notice or consent of the employee). Customer shall be solely responsible for ensuring its use of the Quality Management complies with applicable Laws of each jurisdiction where Customer proposes to use such Services.