The Benefits of a BT Messaging Service for Customer Experience

In order to provide a more unified customer experience, it's vital that your team can communicate effectively and efficiently with your current and prospective customers, business partners, and suppliers. A BT messaging service helps streamline support by providing an easy way for customers to contact your agents - via SMS messaging.

A BT messaging service can help your agents provide faster, better service on a user-friendly platform designed to make it easier to send, receive, and track messages to and from your customer and business contacts using specialized desktop and mobile software. BT messaging services can provide an additional channel of communication for your customers to interact with your company. Let's take a closer look at what a BT messaging service is and the many benefits it can provide to your company.

What Is a BT Messaging Service?

A business text (BT) messaging service allows you to send and receive SMS messages to and from other mobile phones right from your desktop computer using a Virtual Office desktop app or smart device (iOS or Android) mobile app. A BT messaging service allows you to send and receive up to 160-character messages from your own username and profile. A messaging service makes it easier to manage customer relationships, get your messages read instantly (a lot quicker than email), and provide a professional post-sale "thank you" message.

Some features of a good BT messaging service include the ability to:

  • Remind your customers about upcoming appointments
  • Alert customers and prospective customers about new products and/or services
  • Send your customers a link to your company FAQs to help them get a better idea of how your products can help them

How Does It Work With Messaging Software?

A business text messaging service works by routing incoming SMS messages directly to a type of software you can access via a web browser rather than routing messages to a mobile phone. The software supports SMS messages on Mac and Windows computers and it can even be used to send instant messages back and forth between employees.

Benefits of BT Messaging Services

BT messaging services allow your agents to work together using group messaging applications and share chat rooms across different platforms. There's no need to keep switching back and forth between multiple applications to manage multiple communication channels because that only leads to lost data and confusion. Instead, your teams now have the ability to share content across multiple applications without switching to a different one just to collaborate on a project. This type of messaging service allows your team to:

  • Maintain a log of conversation history with associates outside the company
  • Quickly and easily share files and text with team members, partners, and consultants
  • Collaborate efficiently despite the group messaging service other teams choose to use
  • Keep conversations organized by team and topic in Private Rooms

The BT messaging service that comes with the 8x8 Virtual Office solution can help your agents provide a unified customer experience by allowing them to collaborate from anywhere in the world on any device. By using one of the most integrated, unified team messaging solutions around, your agents become empowered to provide high-quality customer service. And that's due in part to the fact that they'll have access to every customer's messaging history so they can see any past or present issues - and can quickly act to resolve them.

Improving Customer Experience

BT messaging services can help improve the customer experience by giving them a convenient way to contact you. People are glued to their smartphones these days so allowing them to contact you via business text messaging service makes things just a little bit simpler.

It also helps improve the customer experience because customers have a much easier time getting help when the agent helping them has all of their interaction histories right in front of them. Customers don't have to spend time reiterating anything they just told another agent the day before. The agent will be able to see that information right from the messaging service software.


With BT messaging, you can easily scale your business and pay only for what you need. If your business is still growing, start small and scale from there. Then, once you start to see growth, you can add what you need at any time.

A BT messaging service can help your business communicate effectively with customers by providing a unified method to keep track of all customer interactions using SMS. Not to mention it can help your team collaborate more easily and keep everything in one place. With the right solutions, your company can improve both agent and customer experience.

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