What is my phone’s administrator password?

If your phone has already been activated for service with 8x8 and/or is running on UC4.0 firmware or later (Polycom), you will not be able to use the manufacturer’s default password to access the administrator settings of your phone. Instead, please consult the Account Manager User Guide (page 28) for steps on downloading a helpful spreadsheet of extension information, including assigned device admin passwords (column U).

If your phone has not yet been activated for service (or has been factory reset and not re-activated) and is also running on firmware earlier than UC4.0 (Polycom), you should be able to use the manufacturer’s default admin password.

For Aastra phones:

  • 54321
  • 22222

For Cisco phones:

  • 198y9w9y891
  • 654123

For the Cisco SPA 2102 adapter:

  • 8kappX!g

For Polycom IP phones on non-UC4.0+ firmware:

  • 456
  • 123

For wireless Polycom KIRK/Spectralink phones:

  • kws300