Learn how to get the most out of the 8x8 Virtual Office online billing features. Below you will find resources to help you:

  1. When can I view my bill?
  2. Where can I view my bill?
  3. How do I see charges for a specific extension?
  4. How do I see activity on my account since my last payment?
  5. Why is the amount due in Account Manager different than the amount due on the invoice I received in the mail?
  6. How do I change the credit card on my account?
  7. How do I apply a payment online?
  8. Why has my service been suspended?
  9. How do I turn my service back on?
  10. I was overcharged. How do I request a credit?
  11. When am I billed?
  12. How do I know if my payment was approved?
  13. How do I opt to receive Billing Notifications?
  14. What happens if my credit card payment is declined?
  15. When is a late fee assessed?
  16. Can I cancel my 8x8 account any time?
  17. Will I owe a disconnection fee if I cancel my account?
  18. What will I owe if I cancel my account?
  19. How do I update my billing contact information?
  20. How do I set up ACH or automatic check withdrawal to pay my account?
  21. How do I transfer account ownership?