How do I forward calls from an extension to another number?

With Virtual Office, you can forward a single extension to another internal extension, or an external number. This ability means you never have to miss a call, even when you’re out of the office. Simply forward your office number to your home number, cell phone, or a work colleague who can handle your calls while you’re out.

Extension users are able to set their own forwarding rules via Virtual Office Desktop or Virtual Office Online. (Users must be enabled to use these applications.)

Account admins (and authorized users) can also set forwarding rules within Account Manager.

To set extension forwarding rules in Account Manager:

Step 1

On the top navigation bar, select Phone System to display the menu on the left.

In the Phone System menu, select View All Extensions.

Step 2

In the Phone Number column, locate the extension which you wish to forward.

In the Actions column, click Edit. The Edit Extension window opens.


Step 3

Scroll down and click the plus sign to expand the Call Forwarding rules box.


Step 4

The box displays Call Forwarding rules in the order in which rules are applied.

Rule No. 1 = Always Forward. This rule displays in the first row.

To Always Forward an extension, select the checkbox in the Forward to External or Extension column.


Step 5

In the Phone Number column, input the number where calls will be sent in this format: 14085551212 (including the numeral 1, without spaces or hyphens).


Step 6

At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.


Step 7

To remove a forwarding rule, repeat steps 1 through 4 to navigate to the Call Forwarding menu.

In the Forward to External or Extension column, click to deselect the checkbox.

Click to Save Changes.