Best practices for building HIPAA- compliant contact centers

Recent security breaches show that hackers are becoming more sophisticated and they are learning to attack where companies are not looking.  Getting unencrypted financial records from healthcare organizations, and attacking banks with a series of smaller transactions that add up to a billion dollars, are just two recent examples of the dangers that are out there.  This is particularly challenging in healthcare where the most personal of customer data must be kept safe.The temptation for companies is to bury themselves in their shell – put tighter and tighter restrictions on data and stop worrying about innovation.  While this may be a comfortable strategy, it is a recipe for building a non-competitive organization that will be out of business sooner rather than later.  Companies need to be agile to compete and to grow.

In many cases the best way to innovate is to move to the cloud but data concerns are real and need to be addressed.  Many organizations that could benefit from cloud communications will shy away from these solutions because of concerns over keeping their data safe.  The reality is that cloud contact center, unified communications and telephony services can be made safe, in fact, in many cases a cloud solution can provide better protection from HIPAA liabilities than a solution on your premises.

Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting, will discuss the best practices for building HIPAA- compliant contact centers. She’ll address the unique communications needs of healthcare providers, and strategies to protect all data associated with your communications.  Join this webinar to learn how to achieve HIPAA compliance while building an agile and growing organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to build a HIPAA-compliant and secure contact center
  • Discover strategies for security including HIPAA certification, SRTP encryption & more
  • Hear the challenges that Affiliated Physicians faced and the steps they took to address these challenges
  • Discuss common pitfalls provider organizations face around data


Donna Fluss
Donna Fluss – President, DMG Consulting

Max Ball
Max Ball –
Manager, Contact Center Product Marketing, 8x8