Finding a Reliable VoIP Phone

VoIP phones are highly reliable and can be used consistently for a lot of different business applications. To find out more about VoIP reliability, keep reading.

What Is a Reliable VoIP Phone?

VoIP phone service is highly reliable and provides excellent call quality. In the past, it's true that VoIP started at a much lower quality than it is today---this is why VoIP didn't really catch on until the late 1990s and 2000s, although it was possible in the 1970s. Early VoIP calls suffered the same fate of any other network-transmitted data in that time period. Slow, low-bandwidth connections make it impractical to try using computers to send and receive audio phone calls. It just didn't make sense to rely on something that didn't have the high quality phones needed to work.

Today, though, VoIP phone service is largely indistinguishable from other types of phone services in terms of reliability and quality. You can get the performance your business needs from Internet-based phone service now. Even large enterprises can run dependable VoIP phone service their call centers can use. Frankly, today's VoIP is significantly better than early VoIP service.

What Ss VoIP Service? Is VoIP Just as Good as Landline Phones?

VoIP service is not only just as good as landline service, it's often much better. VoIP uses the Internet to send and receive phone calls instead of relying on legacy landline phone technology over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Thanks to the Internet, phone service now offers a variety of features and useful functions that before were expensive, inaccessible for small businesses, or completely impossible to do.

Here are a few VoIP features that are useful for businesses:

  • Call analytics: With data collection and analytics, you can gain key information about your phone system and call center performance that allows you to make informed decisions for your business.
  • Call routing: Call traffic can be routed to the right recipients so you can set up a complex internal phone system with multiple numbers. Finally, every department and team member gets their own phone extension.
  • Virtual extensions: While everything technically does travel over a single line (via one Internet connection), you can get more than one phone line or extension to make sure everyone is connected. Have callers reach different extensions to keep your calls organized and customize service for different product lines.
  • Mobility: Of course, everything is mobile, since it's online. Take your phone service with you and make admin changes remotely as needed.

There are many other VoIP features besides these. Your business may find a wide range of features that are useful and help you all stay productive and serve customers better.

What Impacts VoIP Phone Reliability?

Reliability can be impacted by several different factors. For instance:

  • Your Internet connection: Your bandwidth, service provider, and other internet connection characteristics can have an impact. You will want to get the best connection possible. Dedicate bandwidth for VoIP if you can.
  • Your provider: Your VoIP provider gives you the software, hosting, and hardware, typically. This means their own reliability can impact how reliable your VoIP system is.
  • Equipment: The equipment you use for your phones and network can directly impact call reliability. Try using newer equipment and keeping it well maintained.

Your caller/recipient's connection and phone service: Of course, some reliability issues are outside your control. For instance, you can't change the system your caller or call recipient is using.

Other issues can present themselves, too, depending on your own VoIP system and the provider you have. Be sure to ask your VoIP vendor for suggestions if you're trying to troubleshoot a VoIP reliability issue and you're not sure what else to try.

Learning More about VoIP Phone Reliability?

VoIP phones are more reliable now than they were in the past. You can access highly reliable business phone service and keep your business connected with advanced phone features and high uptime.

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